Monday, November 24, 2008

Well, that certainly wasn't pleasant

UNCG 60 - Central Arkansas 73

News & Record
Central Arkansas

I've given myself a couple of days to think about this game and it's still really bad. UNCG was thoroughly beaten (don't let the score fool you) by a program that was transitioning to D1. Even "Baghdad Bob" couldn't spin this train wreck.

The Good:
- No comment - I'm sure I could find some moral victory things to put here. Things like: UNCG outrebounded UCA (34 to 30), or Mikko Koivisto scored in double figures (24 pts) for the third straight game. But I choose to highlight nothing.

The Bad:
- I had to listen to this game on the Central Arkansas radio network via WUAG's live stream over the internet. The play-by-play guy was flat out terrible. He referred to UNCG as "North Carolina" a half dozen or so times and then shortened it to just "Carolina" for the rest of the game. Also it was quite difficult to keep up with game action over the constant recaps of how UCA won a football game and the Sugar Bears won a women's basketball game. Just stick to telling me what's going on directly in front of your face, please. I basically had to follow the game by the sounds made by the crowd in the background. Also, WUAG's announcements during game breaks were pretty lame. Someone needs to get a memo out to the activists on UNCG's campus that we're not Cal-Berkeley.
- Landon Clement - UNCG's leading scorer was 0-3 from the field with 3 turnovers.

The Ugly:
- Turnovers - 22. Third straight game where the Spartans turned the ball over like it was their job (20+ times). This team will struggle to win more than 5 games this year unless they start taking care of the basketball. Maybe the guys should consider walking it up the court a couple of times each half.
- Free throw shooting - I haven't been impressed with this aspect of the Spartans so far this year, and against UCA it really hurt (12-24). Hit those other 12 and it's a 1 point game. Ben Stywall's 2 misses with UCA's lead down to 9 were killers.

There's not much to say about this game. The guys must start to show some improvement soon or this season will really get away from them.