Saturday, August 14, 2010

Checking in

First off, a little housekeeping ... I've turned off comments on the blog for now. Apparently, some asian spammers have decided my posts are perfect to scatter with virus links. Since I've found myself too busy to clean these up immediately, I'll just not allow anyone to comment. Once the season gets closer and I'm updating the site more often, I'll turn the comments back on.

Second, I didn't have the chance to attend any of the summer league games at the Triad Pro-Am here in Winston. It doesn't seem to really matter, though, as most of the UNCG team went to the NC Pro-Am in Durham to play this summer. Here is the website for the NC Pro-Am. Here is a game-by-game recap blog. There was a ton of talent that played in this event. I'm not sure from reading these recaps exactly how much Spartan players contributed.

With the schedule to be released sometime in the near future, I just thought I'd point out the column to the right with known UNCG home and away games. I'll post the full schedule as soon as it becomes available.