Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Post Holiday Notes

Sorry if my posts have been a little erratic lately. I'll be honest and say that having a new son experiencing his first Christmas (and his first ear infection) has made things crazy around my house. However, I'm working on a bunch of new stuff for the coming year.

First off, I've done some work on my Twitter account and since Verizon has seen fit to hook me up with a nice new smart phone, I'll be twittering from it during upcoming games. Feel free to follow me, or you can just read my tweets from this page (I hope to have a gadget up for it soon!)

Also, I'm trying to get a site up for posting pictures taken at the games by myself and others. I would like it to become a good place for everyone to put up their UNCG basketball, and other sports, pictures. I should have more info on that coming soon.

Until then, I hope everyone enjoys the Duke game tomorrow. FYI ... with the Duke-UNCG, Pizza Hut Invitational and Southern Scuffle all taking place at the coliseum tomorrow, I would advise everyone to get there very early.