Monday, March 5, 2012

Hot Catamounts End UNCG Run

UNCG 77 - WCU 82

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Western Carolina Athletics

Halftime UNCG 37 - WCU 42

UNCG Stats
Leader Points: Trevis Simpson (24)
Leader Rebounds: Derrell Armstrong (7)
Leader Assists: Derrell Armstrong (4)
Team FG: 28-60 (46.7%)
Team 3 Pt: 8-19 (42.1%)
Team FT: 13-14 (92.9%)
Rebounds: 30
Turnovers: 13

WCU Stats
Leader Points: Cole, Mutombo (17 tie)
Leader Rebounds: Trey Sumler (8)
Leader Assists: Trey Sumler (5)
Team FG: 29-62 (46.8%)
Team 3 Pt: 10-21 (47.6%)
Team FT: 14-19 (73.3%)
Rebounds: 36
Turnovers: 13

The last 5 minutes of the first half gave Western Carolina all of the margin they would need. After that, it was all about surviving every run that UNCG threw at them. That was a great game in a fun environment. I totally expected the Cats to get tired and eventually fade. It never happened.

Western Carolina deserves a lot of credit. They were the better team on Sunday night. I will absolutely be rooting against them in the championship game due to their fans being obnoxious assholes. I'll get to more of that in my trip wrap-up post sometime later this week.

For now, I'm just sad to see what had become a fun 2012-2012 season come to an end. The last 2+ months have been an enjoyable ride. I am already ready for next season.