Sunday, January 6, 2013

Wildcats Thoroughly Throttle Spartans

UNCG 53 - Davidson 85

UNCG Athletics
Davidson Athletics

Halftime: UNCG 27 - Davidson 45

UNCG Stats
Leader points: Derrell Armstrong (17)
Leader Rebounds: Simpson, Armstrong (tied - 4)
Leader Assists: Kayel Locke (2)
Team FG: 18-54 (33.3%)
Team 3 Pt: 6-17 (35.3%)
Team FT: 11-16 (68.8%)
Rebounds: 24
Turnovers: 13

Davidson Stats
Leader Points: Jake Cohen (20)
Leader Rebounds: Chris Czerapowicz (10)
Leader Assists: Nik Cochran (4)
Team FG: 27-63 (42.9%)
Team 3 Pt: 8-30 (26.7%)
Team FT: 23-27 (85.2%)
Rebounds: 54
Turnovers: 12

As the stats show, this game was a thorough domination by Davidson in every way possible. UNCG didn't play good defense, fouled a lot and seemed very disinterested on the offensive end at times. They sent a great free throw shooting team to the line a ton of times. Even when UNCG forced a Davidson miss, they allowed the Wildcats to keep rebounding the ball until they finally made a shot. That is reflected in the 30 rebound discrepancy.

Senior Korey Van Dussen broke his wrist in practice and is now out 4-6 weeks. Add that to the fact the RJ White is out for the year and Trevis Simpson still seemed to be tentative on his ankle and UNCG is a team that needs to really do some soul searching to figure out how they want the rest of this season to go forward. The Spartans should at least have a chance to compete in every game from here on out.

Someone on this team is going to have to step up and be a leader. There was an obvious attitude issue on Saturday night without having "glue guy" Van Dussen in the game to help rally the team. Losing is a part of the game, sulking is not. I hope this doesn't turn into that kind of a plunge.

Last season, UNCG pulled itself off the mat after losing to Davidson by 30 and won 7 straight. That type of run is very possible again this season, but it's going to take a much better effort (both mentally and physically) than last night. Plus, this team is going to have to buy into to what the coaches are selling and believing in their team. Hope it happens. Starts on Wednesday night. Go Spartans !!!


Anonymous said...

I'll have to disagree with you on the buying into the coaches. I think the problem is that they have bought into what the coach is telling them. This run and gun offense is our downfall. Wes was given a coaching clinic last night. You can't send your troops into battle with guns and no bullets. It's time to learn an offense and run it. The ball is not a hot potatoe that needs to be thrown at the basket every 5 seconds. Davidson passed the ball at least 8 times running plays to get players open. We seem to dribble the ball with no purpose trying to get open to shoot, then and only then will we pass the ball. It's too bad to have lost Korey, but we had no direction with him or without. These are the same players we had at the beginning of the season when everyone was so excited, so don't blame them, your only as good as your leader. Last year on our run we were winning in overtime and by 3 or fewer points. Maybe it was more luck than anything. If everyone is waiting till we play weaker teams to build our record up, then really where is this program heading, to be the best of the losers? Time to run plays for the position, not the few who seem to care only about their stats. I'm tired of the select few forcing up bad shots while our roll players are standing there wide open. Trying not to be to negative, but really would like to see the coaches and player succeed.

Anonymous said...

Defense won for this team last year
Has Wes forgotten that? I fill sorry for Trevis-Does he have the inner makeup to be a great player?-Kory did a great job and is a hard working kid
Why will White not play again this year? He really did not have his body ready to fully compete-

Anonymous said...

RJ White will probably have surgery on an injured shoulder and is done for the season; possibly redshirted. Korey is a glue guy defensively but he's never ever been a threat to me offensively. Trevis is a great kid and is the only player that seems to have a green light to shoot whenever he's feeling like he can get something. Again the team played better at NC State with Korey and without Trevis because there was no defined go to guy and the team figured out that they all needed to contribute to be successful. We have a ton of options offensively, but it appears that Wes has not figured out who those options are this season, which is strange.
The three freshman are his...he knows what they are capable of if he chooses to use them, let them go do what they are capable of doing, live with the mistakes and see what you've got. The sophomore he has is his recruit; utilize him. If Wes isn't wanting to change how we play, then turn those guys loose that you've brought into the program. Trevis and Darrell will adjust; David Willaims will adjust and so too will Drew Parker. Remember, Wes promoted Drew to the starting PG position last year ahead of Kyle Randall, who transferred because his role had dimished. Now Drew seems to have dimished which I cannot explain, only to say that its the coach's wish for him to be less offensive minded. Same goes with KVD preinjury.
This team will be much more athletic in the future, but they have to ability to do something great now if the Head Coach quits trying to prove that this is Chapel Hill South and adjust to what he's got on the team.
They have the ability to be successful if the staff utilizes what they currently have now and if the assistants are suggesting changes and the head coach isn't listening to them at all, then we'll know shortly because someone will leave the program as soon as they get an offer. I hope that its not the case, but I've seen evidence that there is a disconnect somewhere there. If this is true and we've been played into thinking otherwise, the fallout will be quite evident and the UNCG athletic brain trust will have a rather large mess on their hands at the worst time.

Anonymous said...

In response--- Trevis Simpson is a great player and he can shoot on my team anytime he wants- I would like to see him play more from 15 feet than 22 to 30 I question does Simpson have the killer instinct- Unfortunately Williams looks like he has played on ice skates must of the year- Drew Parker has recently disappeared- Last year this team turned it around playing defense- I believe Kevin could be a hell of a good offensive player if he applied his basketball skill to his great athletic body Wes and staff are going to be fine- It takes time turning a losing program into a winning program- If any players don't want to play for us take your ball and go home- Your a dime a dozen

Anonymous said...

I'm sorrty but Trevis has great skills and could be a great player. He is lacking one key factor that makes a great player, making your teamates look better. Needs more assists and looking for his teamates.