Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Regular Season Recap - December

Let's continue with the recaps.

Citadel (L) - A close game that, at the time, I was shocked to see the Spartans lose. I just couldn't fathom UNCG dropping a game to "lowly" Citadel in Fleming. It turns out that even Davidson would lose at home to the Bulldogs. The Citadel have battled their way to bye in the SoCon Tournament. As for the game, Damian Eargle was suspended, and it really hurt UNCG. He might have been the difference maker in a close game.

*** Let's note that in between the home games with the Charleston teams, Chancellor Linda Brady excited Spartan fans by announcing that UNCG would move all of its home games next season to the Greensboro Coliseum.

Charleston (L) - UNCG played a great first half, but couldn't keep it going in the second half and fell hard. Charleston even tried to help by missing a bunch of free throws.
ECU (L) - The Pirates absolutely throttled UNCG in the second half in Greenville. The ECU return game in the Greensboro Coliseum next season should be a lot of fun.
Kent State (L) - Another second half collapse for UNCG. The Spartans led this one at the half, but couldn't hold on. Kendall Toney hit a couple of big 3's.
Dayton (L) - The Spartans were crushed by a really good Dayton team on the road. I really won't be shocked if Dayton gets in the NCAA Tournament and makes plenty of noise. Their defense was way too much for an already poor shooting UNCG team.
Akron (L) - The first of a few "throw away" games that UNCG played this season. The Spartans didn't do much in this game and very few people actually showed up to watch it anyways.