Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Regular Season Recap - February

One last month to recap ...

Davidson (L) - 11,687 fans showed up to see the Stephen Curry show. Curry scored 29, but the Spartans hung tough for most of the game. It was a great "homecoming" atmosphere at the Greensboro Coliseum that ranks near the top of best moments of this season.
Georgia Southern (W) - Mikko Koivisto re-emerged and UNCG pulled away from GSU in a game that was similar to the game at Elon earlier in the season.
Wofford (L) - Junior Salters and Noah Dahlman were too much for UNCG. The Spartans fought hard but ran out of gas at the end. It was a scenerio that played a out many times this year.
Samford (L) - Samford's offense just dismantled UNCG for the second time this season.
Chattanooga (L) - A huge foul discrepancy put UNCG behind the "8 ball" in this game. The guys showed some heart on Valentine's Day, but still came up short.
App State (L) - A 3 pointer by ASU's AJ Highsmith with less than 30 seconds pushed the Mountaineers to the win in Fleming. The Spartans shot themselves in the foot repeatedly by missing free throws.
Western Carolina (L) - A complete "throw away" game here. There are way too many of these this season. A cool halftime presentation was really the only thing made this game worth the trip.
Davidson (L) - Second straight "throw away" game. The Spartans started a lineup of 3 freshmen and 2 walk-ons.
Elon (W) - UNCG played an inspired game that may prove to be the last win in Fleming Gym.

So, that's the regular season. A lot more disappointments than successes. It's in the past now. Hopefully, the Spartans can go win some games in Chattanooga. Starting Thursday, everyone is 0-0. Let's see some magic.

Go Spartans !!!