Monday, August 24, 2009

Late August Check-in

There's not been much to post over the last few weeks. Also, I've spent the bulk of my free time either on vacation or working on my company's website. However, I thought I'd check in with a couple of things.

First off, condolences to the family of former UNCG chancellor Patricia Sullivan. She lost her fight to pancreatic cancer last Thursday. The News & Record ran a very nice story about her memorial service in today's edition.

Next, the UNCG men's basketball team helped students moving into campus this past week. The athletics department website has the story here with video.

I've added some links to the page recently without pointing all of them out. The latest is The Sports Arsenal. It's a sight that is mostly devoted to the Citadel. He does have some interesting thought on a wide range of topics though. Check it out when you get the chance.

Finally, UNCG now has 2 Twitter pages. One for the university itself and one posting UNCG campus news. I must admit that I've looked at Twitter in the past and really didn't want to get involved. I hardly ever "tweet" anything myself. However, it's proved to be entertaining reading "tweets" from people within the sports field. Now I can get all my UNCG information too without having to scan through the N&R or the Winston-Salem Journal.