Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer League Wrap-up

So, I've officially gotten back to east coast time. So here are the final thoughts on the summer league that I had promised to write.

- I was shocked to see how much stronger the whole team looked from last season. It's obvious that everyone has been in the weight room all summer. Sean Spooner doesn't even look like the same guy from last season.
- All four of the incoming freshmen are going to contribute this season.
- Kyle Randall and KVD are going to be a great guard tandem at UNCG for a long time.
- UNCG is back to having a legit center with Brian Cole and Pete Brown. Throw in Elhanan Bone and Taylor Hoffer, and the Spartans have plenty of size and depth up front.
- Ben Stywall is still the best rebounder in the SoCon.
- Spartan fans better learn the name Brandon Evans.

All-in-all I walked away from watching this event very excited about what UNCG could do this season and beyond. Sure, it was just a summer league. There wasn't a ton of defense being played. It was a lot more "running and gunning", 1-on-1 play. However, it was our guys showing their skills. And they showed enough skills to erase a lot of my memories of 5-25.