Saturday, February 6, 2010

Spartans Throw Away Huge Lead

UNCG 64 - Furman 72

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UNCG continued it's normal streak of playing one good half and one bad half. This time, however, the guys switched things up. The game looked like it might be a repeat of the one played in Greensboro a couple of weeks earlier as the Spartans ran out to a huge lead. Unlike the game in the coliseum though, UNCG never allowed Furman to come all the way back. This time, the Paladins took the lead and ran with it. Kyle Randall and Kendall Toney hit some shots to make things interesting at the end.

Since this really was 2 separate games in one, I'm going to change up my normal wrap up. Let's look at what went right to get UNCG a big lead, and what went wrong to get them a "L".

UNCG 34 - Furman 17
Kyle Randall really took control of this game early. He was scoring and passing with confidence and running the team like a veteran. The guys were running a very nice looking offense. Toney and Mikko Koivisto took (and made) shots in rhythm. Coach Dement didn't substitute very much and the starters responded by playing well together. The Spartans switched defenses often and really left Furman completely out of sync.

UNCG 30 - Furman 55
The Spartans stopped running any kind of an offense the minute that Furman made a run. They all began trying to individually take the game over. Almost every trip down the floor involved one pass and then a player trying to create his own shot. With the ball not going in the basket, it meant that Furman didn't have to play defense at all. The Spartan defense did very little to stop Furman from getting any shot it wanted. It was really quite painful to watch the second half.

Time to move on.