Saturday, February 6, 2010

UNCG (5-17) @ Wofford (16-8)

When: Saturday, February 6 7 pm
Where: Benjamin Johnson Arena (3,500)
TV: None

Wofford Athletics
Wofford Forum

Spartan Notes:
- Ben Stywall leads UNCG in scoring (14.2) and rebounding (10.5). Kyle Randall leads in assists (2.5).
- For the year, UNCG is shooting 37.9% from the field, 28.4% from behind the arc and 70.7% from the free throw line.

Terrier Notes:
- Noah Dahlman leads Wofford in scoring (17.6). Tim Johnson leads the team in rebounds (7.1) and Brad Loesing leads in assists (3.3).
- For the season, Wofford is shooting 43.1% from the field, 33.6% from behind the arc and 66.9% from the free throw line.

My Thoughts:
Between having to paint and all this weather playing havoc with my power and internet connections, I'm happy to at least get this much of a preview done. Wofford spanked UNCG earlier in the year at the Greensboro Coliseum. That game really wasn't much of a contest. Let's see if the Spartans come out with some fight this time.

Go Spartans !!!


Spartan 75 said...

Two seasons with a combined total of 10 wins seems to be sending a strong message. We need a new coaching staff with a different approach to the game. I do hope that UNCG's desire to take the Spartan Athletic program to the next level is successful. The only way this will happen is with stronger community support. Greensboro basketball fans will support a winning program. In order to put more fans in the stands, we (UNCG fans) must demand that the university act now, not two years from now, to right the ship.

Big-C said...

I am not sure how much of a fan Spartan 75 is but our success has nothing to do with coaching. Players make great coaches. When Kyle Hines left, along with KO and the point guard ---a lot to replace. I am certain we will be better next year. Coaches never take shots, have turn overs or missed box outs nor do they do the work for players to improve on individual skills ---- that is players responsibility. Always has been and always will be. Enough about replacing coaches. Better players will fix the problem and it has started to happen with this class. Are you blind???

David said...

What happened to our blogger?

Dash said...

Massive sickness. I'm on the mend, though.