Monday, January 23, 2012

Final Samford Wrap Up

First, before I get post the highlight video from the UNCG-Samford game, I have to quote something said by Samford coach Jimmy Tillette on the game recap on the University's athletics website.

We found a way to have a lead and I thought we found a way to have a win. I thought that was a very questionable no-call on that travel at the end.
I'm not shocked that the Samford coach made a statement like that. He showed his ass a bunch of times during the day. He and his players spent a large portion of the day pouting and compaining, even though there was a pretty signifigant foul & free throw difference in their favor.

Now here are some game highlights, from the UNCG Youtube channel. Watch the final play a bunch of times. Not a travel.

Also, here is the UNCG Sports Blog's recap of yesterday's game. By the way, if you don't follow Calvin's Twitter feed, you should. He does a great job of in-game updates.