Monday, January 9, 2012

Scanning the SoCon- Week 10

Scanning the SoCon - Week # 10

1. Davidson
2. Charleston
3. Wofford
4. Elon
5. Ga Southern
6. Chattanooga
7. Furman
8. App State
9. WCU
10. Samford
11. UNCG
12. Citadel

Sum up your team.
UNCGBasketballFan- What a ridiculous week for the Spartans. UNCG went to Coral Gables and played a solid game against Miami on national TV. Trevis Simpson went off for 36 points and the team played very inspired for almost the entire game. It took a major effort on the part of Miami big man Kenny Kadji to keep the Canes from being upset. The Spartans then came home and were routed as thoroughly as possible by Davidson. It took a billion shots for Trevis Simpson to be the only G player in double figures. I'm not sure whether it was the perfect storm of a great game by Davidson and a terrible night for G or something else. However, I don't know what to think of this team anymore. I keep telling people this isn't the worst team in the SoCon, but it sure is starting to look that way. A Saturday date at the Ctadel should answer that question.


Anonymous said...

I knew we were in trouble this year compared to last year when we had this strong looking male Spartan-- Now we have a Spartan that wares a mask that remains be of the boy (Davey) on the religious cartoon with the dog that use to come on Sunday morning each week.

Dash said...

I don't mind the new mascot over the 18 yo wearing the suit. But I wanted it to be something that instills fear in the opponent ... Google "Gwar: Beefcake the Mighty"

That's a proper mascot.

Dash said...

And the cartoon you're thinking of is "Davey and Goliath" I remembered it instantly. That's probably sad.