Monday, November 25, 2013

Bulldogs Destroy Spartans

UNCG 62 - La Tech 99

UNCG Athletics
La Tech Athletics

Halftime: UNCG 33 - La Tech 48

UNCG Stats
Leader Points: Jordan Potts (13)
Leader Rebounds: Saddler (5)
Leader Assists: Saddler, Parker, Paulos (Tied - 2)
Team FG: 21-54 (38.9%)
Team 3 Pt: 7-19 (36.8%)
Team FT: 13-20 (65.0%)
Rebounds: 23
Turnovers: 19

La Tech Stats
Leader Points: Hamilton (26)
Leader Rebounds: Kyser (6)
Leader Assists: Appleby (7)
Team FG: 36-57 (63.2%)
Team 3 Pt: 14-25 (56.0%)
Team FT: 13-16 (81.3%)
Rebounds: 36
Turnovers: 18

Well, that was certainly unpleasant to watch as a Spartan fan. UNCG as buried under a mountain of turnovers and Bulldog 3 pointers. In the second half alone, La Tech missed 8 shots total and only 3 from inside the arc. They made 14 shots behind the arc including a 30 foot alley oop attempt that banked into the basket. That's just how the day went for both teams.

UNCG played a legitimate NCAA at large team and got obliterated. I thought we'd learn more about the team from these 3 days in Florida than in the the first 3 weeks of the season. Well, so far we've learned that the Spartans aren't quite ready to take that big jump up quite yet. Starting tomorrow at noon, we'll get to see if UNCG can rebound from a tough loss. San Diego represents another strong mid-major program and will pose a stern test.

Let's hope we see a solid response. Go Spartans !!!