Friday, January 9, 2009

Another Moral Victory

UNCG 75 - WCU 80

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UNCG led 62-53 with a little over 9 minutes left last night. But a 17-2 Western Carolina run erased the lead and made for a hectic end to the game. Unfortunately, 3 turnovers in the last 3 possessions squashed any effort to end the nine game losing streak. Mikko scored 23 and Damian Eargle scored 13.

With such a quick turnaround to the App State game, I'm going to skip doing the normal recap. Instead , I'll just throw out some random thoughts.

- For the first 10 minutes of the game last night, I couldn't get the UNCG radio feed to work. So, I was forced to listen to the Western Carolina radio network. That was painful b/c the guy didn't actually describe what was taking place in front of him. He would go on long tangents talking about WCU's team make-up and doing commercials during actual game time. He also referred to the teams as "us" and "them".

Here's a tip, man. I can't see the game personally. It's your job to describe the action. So do that. Do just that.

- You can see things starting to click for this team. They were in the game at Princeton and they were really in this game. It's just a matter of time. These guys still are fighting for wins. That's a good sign b/c the team could have thrown in the towel a long time ago.

- This team could really use Elhanan Bone. Damian Eargle, Pete Brown and DeAngelo Jackson are out on the court gaining experience and confidence. UNCG really needs Bone to be doing the same thing. Plus, with the way fouls were being called last night, it would have been nice to have another player to put out there. Get better soon, big fella.

- The attendance was officially listed at 412. I'm tired of reading all of the crap about UNCG not being able to draw "flies" to then see them play a road game in front of less than 500 people. UNCG only drew 750 people to a New Year's Eve game in the middle of the day (on a week day no less) and I felt a little embarrassed. Someone needs to tell the people in Cullowhee that they have a nice team that is sitting at 2-0 in the conference right now.

- Stats ... UNCG had 3 players in double figures. Team total of 16 assists. 46.2% shooting from the field and 85% from the free throw line. +6 rebounding margin. The only UNCG stat that points to a loss is the 18 turnovers to WCU's 12.