Saturday, January 10, 2009

Victory !!!

UNCG 85 - App State 83 (OT)

News & Record

I'm not really interested in doing my normal recap. I've raked the team over when they've played bad, by refusing to call anything good or bad (only ugly). Well, after their performance in Boone, I'll just say that everything was good. However, here are some things that jumped out at me during the game.

- Damian Eargle is slowly turning into the prospect that everyone heard about. All of his 25 points and 11 rebounds were needed. Without Elhanan Bone, the UNCG big men are being stretched a little thin. But all of them are playing better and not trying to do too much. I hope that this is just the first of many impressive nights for the "lanky lefty" freshman.
- Daniel Oliver found the "on" switch. Even though he had 4 of the team's 10 turnovers, he played very well in the face of full court pressure. He also shot the ball well when he was left open.
- Mike Dement. I've ripped that guy several times this year. However, this time he deserves some credit. His defensive strategies have worked all year. He just couldn't get any offense to go with the good defense. It's amazing how much better of a coach he looks like when good defensive strategy is paired with a team that puts the ball into the basket.
- 10 team turnovers. See you can win games when you don't give the ball away.
- 51.7% from the field. UNCG has played very good defense all year. What they've really failed to do is put the ball in the basket. The Spartans shot 46% in Cullowhee and now this in Boone. Hopefully, this is case where confidence is breeding more confidence.
- And finally ... I put up the Braveheart picture b/c watching UNCG get this win felt like a damn epic movie. There were 3 times yesterday that I thought UNCG had the game wrapped up, only to watch ASU do something to keep the game going. The Spartan players deserve a ton of credit for not giving up after Sims sent the game to overtime with a shot that shouldn't have went in.

OK, it's 1 win. Let's hope this is the start of something good in the second half of the season and not just a one time thing.