Thursday, June 14, 2012

App Still Looking at C-USA

App State is still wanting to get an invite to Conference USA. The question is will they get one. According to the Winston-Salem Journal, C-USA is still looking to expand.

The conference currently has 14 members, including recent additions UNC Charlotte and Old Dominion, both of which will begin playing football in C-USA in 2015.

Appalachian, which is among a few Football Bowl Championship members still seeking an invitation to an FBS league, still has significant interest in possibly joining C-USA — a move that would offer a connection to traditional rivals East Carolina and Marshall.


Anonymous said...

Elon; Furman; Davidson; and C of C are all headed to the CAA according to AppNation. How in da hect did that happen if that is finalized and why are we still here (SoCon)!! The Elon; Davidson; Furman; and Charleston games are some of the most attended in conference home games on our schedule every year!! I don't want the SoCon to become the next Big South Conference (no disrespect or fun intended). Has the conference realignment bug finally bitten us (SoCon)?? I need somebody to look into this matter. I need to know if there is any truth behind this rumor. This can't be happening!! How did we end up in this position? How did we (UNCG) get left out? Who runs this blog because I see very little activity and not a lot of comments being posted about anything. I know this blog is independent from the university but I know that there are other UNCG alum out there that do read and that do have an interest in where our athletics could be headed. The SoCon is no longer is good home for UNCG if this rumor is true!! I'm done venting for now!!

Dash said...

Dude, simmer down. I promise the sky is not falling. If all four of those teams bounce, I won't cry one bit. I'd hate to see Davidson go. Beyond that, big whop. Private schools have ran the SoCon for too long and I'm fine if 3 of them want to bounce.

As far as updates go ... it's the middle of summer and this is a basketball only blog. Plus, I ref college and HS LAX right after basketball season ends. This blog is a hobby. This are no ads and I make $0 from it. I enojoy doing it, but it's for love of the game and my school. In the offseason my time to write is limited. I do appreciate you reading and commenting though. Love to see G fans fired up.

Dash said...

Let me rephrase ... I won't care as long as they are replaced by ETSU, Winthrop,UNCA & Kennesaw St.