Friday, June 1, 2012

Differnet Revenue Sharing Model?

Article from today's Charlotte Observer. There's not much new here except for a very interesting Bob McKillop quote.

The Southern Conference shares revenue (it reportedly received $2.2 million from the NCAA’s basketball payout), and McKillop wonders if a change in policy might help the league.

“Now, everyone gets an equal share,” McKillop said. “Will it become more capitalistic by rewarding those who had more success? That would inspire campuses to dedicate more to basketball because more would be at stake.


Anonymous said...

I keep hearing and reading rumors that Davidson; College of Charleston; and Elon are considering invites to the CAA. Elon and UNCG are permenant travel partners last time I checked so I guess that makes Greensboro a CAA expansion candidate also. We do have a forward thinking chancellor and a new progressive minded athletic director so the G nation wouldn't know anything until a deal is inked in black. Do I have any diggers out there!