Monday, December 24, 2012

First Half Run Keeps Spartans At Bay

UNCG 70 - Wake Forest 84

UNCG Athletics
WFU Athletics

Halftime: UNCG  29 - Wake Forest 38

UNCG Stats
Leader Points: Trevis Simpson (25)
Leader Rebounds: Kelvin McNeil (7)
Leader Assists: Simpson, Korey Van Dussen (tied - 4)
FG: 25-59 (42.4%)
3 Pt: 8-21 (38.1%)
FT: 12-15 (80.0%)
Rebounds: 30
Turnovers: 16

Wake Forest Stats
Leader Points: Travis McKie (19)
Leader Rebounds: Thomas, Adala Moto (tied - 6)
Leader Assists: Codi Miller-McIntyre (5)
FG: 27-15 (52.9%)
3 Pt: 7-16 (43.8%)
FT: 23-32 (71.9%)
Rebounds: 32)
Turnovers: 16

I made it clear in my pregame thoughts that this was an ACC team. Definitely at the top of that league, but they do have ACC talent level. They showed it on Saturday afternoon.

I thought UNCG did a very good job of getting the type of shots they were looking for adn did a pretty nice job of knocking those down. Again, they went a little too much 1-on-1 and spent a little too much time watching Simpson and Armstrong instead of moving without the ball. However, it's hard to fault the Spartans too much for what I saw on the offensive end of the floor.

The problem for UNCG was on the defensive end of the court. Wake did a very good job of just executing their system and working until they eventually got the look they were looking for on offense. I think you can criticize the Spartan's defense, but a lot of praise must be given to the Demon Deacons.

Hopefully, UNCG can learn and grow from this game. Go Spartans !!!


Anonymous said...

I did a little research on past Roy Williams player who coached. It's not a very stellar record. When Wes took over I was excited and figured they played that style because he hadn't had time to install his system. I guess I was wrong, this is his system. Roy Williams can get away with it most of the time because of the talent of his team. If Wes wants to last longer than the other past players of Williams who were head coaches, he better develope his own style and not be mini-Roy.