Saturday, December 1, 2012

Spartans Rebound in a Huge Way

UNCG 84 - Citadel 54

UNCG Athletics
Citadel Athletics

Halftime: UNCG 46 - Citadel 21

UNCG Stats
Leader Points: Drew Parker (15)
Leader Rebounds: Korey Van Dussen (6)
Leader Assists: Parker, Van Dussen, Armstrong (tied - 4)
Team FG: 33-56 (58.9%)
Team 3 Pt: 11-21 (52.4%)
Team FT: 7-8 (87.5%)
Rebounds: 41
Turnovers: 12

Citadel Stats
Leader Points: Mike Groselle (20.0)
Leader Rebounds: Groselle, Moore (tied - 4)
Leader Assists: Marshall Harris III (6)
Team FG: 17-55 (30.9%)
Team 3 Pt: 5/17 (29.4%)
Team FT: 15-21 (71.4%)
Rebounds: 19
Turnovers: 7

It's amazing what a little bit of defense and some made shots can do for a team. As bad as UNCG looked on Wednesday night, they look as good on Saturday night. The Spartans dominated in every way possible.

It was great to see the team show up and bring a ton of defensive intensity right off the bat and sustain it for almost the entire game. It was also nice to see a lot of different contribute. 7 players score 7 or more points and the post players did a very nice on Mike Groselle. Even though Groselle got his 20 points, he had to battle hard with all of the guys the Spartans threw at him.

Now UNCG has off 2 weeks for exams. It will give them time to excel in the classroom and work on some things in practice. This is a great way to go into a break.

1-0 in the SoCon.


Anonymous said...

I hope that this will be the UNCG that we will see for the remainder of the season (effort wise). We took a huge hit with that 1-5 start!! Now we have to get our fan base excited about the name brand all over again. Sheesh!!

Anonymous said...

Hey good to see old Brian Cole throw a couple in last night -- Team looked good--- Who is that Thomas Sumpter-- Caught a brief glimpse of him last night-Looked rather athletic- He apparently was a sucessful high school player We need to organize our fans and travel to some of those upcoming road games I went to Davidson to support the team Trevis's freshman year and could count the UNCG fans present at the game on one hand.

Anonymous said...

Yep!! I totally agree. I'm surprised that the Spartan Club or that somebody else has not already pushed carpooling or busing to close away games. The team could really use that type of support in masses. That's good preparation to build support up for the SoCon tournament at the end of the season.

Anonymous said...

It's time for this team to do something great- You don't have to be a great team to do the unexpected-This team has finished second way to much-There is some talent on our team Make our program proud-What about our deserving fans Everybody needs to pick it up Some of our best- college careers are nearing the end-Some have received great acclaim without signature wins-Some may wish to reevaluate their game Remember Miami last year