Monday, December 17, 2012

First Half Dooms Spartans

UNCG 73 - James Madison 85

UNCG Recap
JMU Recap

Halftime: UNCG 29- James Madison 49

UNCG Stats
Leader Points: Trevis Simpson (24)
Leader Rebounds: McNeil, Williams (tied- 9)
Leader Assists: Drew Parker (5)
FG: 25-65 (36.9%)
3 Pt: 9-25 (36.0%)
FT: 16-23 (69.6%)
Rebounds: 40
Turnovers: 15

JMU Stats
Leader Points: Rayshawn Goins (23)
Leader Rebounds: Rayshwan Goins (11)
Leader Assists: Devon Moore (7)
FG: 30-53 (56.6%)
3 Pt: 6-13 (46.2%)
FT: 19-26 (73.1%)
Rebounds: 32
Turnovers: 13

I really feel like I could put up my recap from the High Point game this season and only have to change the names to make it fit here. UNCG just slept right on through the first half and then only after halftime found it's rhythm and managed to shoot it's way back into the game. However, the hill was too steep to get over. The Spartans cut the 20 point deficit down to 3 on several occasions but just couldn't get all the way back.

Again defense, or the lack of, is proving to be the issue. There were way too many times where the Dukes simply drove to the basket an kicked for a wide open shot. Dribble penetration has proved to be a problem all season long and will probably continue.

Before any one posts a bunch of comments on my page, I do know that RJ White, Derrell Armstrong and Brian Coles sat on the end of the bench and apparently weren't available for this game. I have no idea why that was the case. However, it was obvious in the first half how bad the Spartans were missing Armstrong. He's been able to carry this team at times when Trevis's shots weren't falling. During those lulls, it would have been nice to have Derrell take it to the basket and create some instant offense.

Oh well. This one is over with. I was encouraged by the second half and think we all can chalk up that first half to having taken 15 days off from game competition. UNCG now heads down to Wilmington on Wednesday to play another CAA team on the road. Hopefully, with more success this time.

Go Spartans !!!


Anonymous said...

All season long this team has looked like an AAU team with the players playing like they are each individually trying to impress college scouts to win a scholarship. Someone needs to tell them they already got one and that they are on a TEAM. Way to much one on one contested shots. This run and gun offense seems to be to unstructured for these players. It may be alot of fun to watch, but if you score 80 points and your opponent scores 81 you still have a loss. I think it may be time to slow it down and work the clock for some better uncontested shots and spread the rock around. The defense needs to be more aggressive, it wouldn't bother me a bit to see 2 players a game foul out because they were playing some smash mouth defense in the paint. A good defense can be your best offense. If a gaurd gets beat he needs to do more than turn and say lookout to the bigs. If someone goes into the paint, we need to make them pay. A 54 to 50 win would look pretty good right now. We are making the other teams defense look good by our shot selection. If we have any, we need to RUN a PLAY then RUN a PLAY then after that RUN a PLAY.

Dash said...

hard to argue with you there. seems like a very good analysis.