Monday, December 16, 2013

First Half Hole Too Deep for Spartans

UNCG 72 - Rutgers 89

UNCG Athletics
Rutgers Athletics

Halftime: UNCG 33 - Rutgers 52

UNCG Stats
Leader Points: Cain (18)
Leader Reboudns: Cain (8)
Leader Assists: Saddler (4)
Team FG: 27-62 (43.5%)
Team 3 Pt: 7-18 (38.9%)
Team FT: 11-17 64.7%)
Rebounds: 37
Turnovers: 18

Rutgers Stats
Leader Points: Mack (21)
Leader Rebounds: Judge (8)
Leader Assists: Mack (8)
Team FG: 31-62 (50.0%)
Team 3 Pt: 9-20 (45.0%)
Team FT: 18-25 (72.0%)
Rebounds: 37
Turnovers: 10

Stop me if you've heard this one before. UNCG starts off a game slow. They turn the ball over leading to layups and open jump shots in transition. Due to all of this, the Spartans found themselves in a hole at halftime. The entire second half they played solid ball, but not nearly solid enough to come back.

Yeah, we've all heard that one before. The Scarlet Knights scored 26 points off of 18 UNCG turnovers (14 first half). When not given easy baskets in the second half, UNCG beat Rutgers by 2. There is the ballgame. It really is just that simple. Now, the UNCG defense wasn't very good most of the night. Ball screens caused all sorts of chaos and the defense was always a few steps behind. But really it was all those first half turnovers.

With so many freshmen and underclassmen on this team, someone needs to embrace the idea of being a defensive stopper. I really think players like Diante Baldwin or Tyrone Outlaw could completely lock people down if they got in the right mindset. Baldwin offered a nice spark off the bench in the second half at Rutgers. I'd look for him to see more court time, especially as the other guards struggle with turnovers.

So, there it is ... less turnovers and better focus on the defensive end. The losses will continue until those points of emphasis get better. Once they improve, Look out. Go Spartans !!!