Monday, December 30, 2013

NC State (9-3) @ UNCG (7-7)

When: Monday, December 30 7:00 pm
Where: Greensboro Coliseum (7,617)^

^ - Greensboro Coliseum is undergoing renovations and will not be using the upper deck for any seating at UNCG games this season. I do not have the official seat totals with these changes.

NC State Athletics

Preseason Preview

UNCG Stats
Last game: @ Va Tech (W 55-52) Recap
PPG: 72.1
RPG: 37.0
APG: 13.6
Leader Points: Kyle Cain (16.1)
Leader Rebounds: Kyle Cain (8.6)
Leader Assist: Tevon Saddler (3.5)
FG %: 45.4
3 Pt %: 36.5
FT %: 68.3

NC State Stats
Last Game: Missouri (L 64-68) Recap
PPG: 75.9
RPG: 36.6
APG: 14.5
Leader Points: TJ Warren (23.9)
Leader Rebounds: TJ Warren (7.8)
Leader Assist: Anthony Barber (4.4)
FG %: 49.0
3 Pt %: 30.5
FT %: 65.2

48 hours after the first UNCG win against an ACC team in 6 years is a game against another ACC team. Thanks to the magic of the Greensboro Coliseum schedule makers deciding to put the Elon-Duke game on New Year's Eve, the Spartans have a super quick turnaround to face a team that they don't particularly match up well against. Shooting, and particularly the type of shots each team takes, could be the key to this one.

NC State is again one of the best teams at shooting inside the arc. Their kryptonite, however, is the zone defense. Teams have been daring the Wolfpack to beat them from behind the arc. So far, NC State really hasn't proven to be a team that can make a boatload of 3's. However, their freshman PG Cat Barber can use his quickness to be a zone breaker all by himself. Keeping Barber out of the lane is a must if the Spartans want to have any success.

TJ Warren is the best individual player UNCG will face all year. He's a scorer that finds about a billion different ways to light up the scoreboard. He's not a proficient shooter, but he'll make a few. He makes his living around the rim. He find all kinds of ways to put the ball in the basket and he rarely doesn't finish plays. The Wolfpack have 7'-0 Jordan Vandenberg on the back line. His job is to dunk the ball and block shots. It will be up to UNCG's post players to pull him away from the basket with their face up game.

This game is going to require that UNCG hit some 3 pointers. In order to open driving lanes up against the bigger Wolfpack, the outside shots will have to go in with some frequency. Beyond that, it wouldn't hurt to see Barber and Vandenberg get into some foul trouble. It goes without saying that UNCG will have to limit their turnovers and continue to build on 5 straight halves of solid team defense.

If G can again limit the number of possessions in this game and keep the score in the 60's, they will stand a much better chance of pulling off a second straight shocker. Go Spartans !!!