Thursday, July 12, 2012

CAA Commissioner Expects Expansion Soon

According to the Chicago Tribune, Colonial Athletics Association commissioner Tom Yeagear is expecting this CAA expansion situation to be over with in the next few weeks.

"We're making progress," Yeager said. "But at this time of year, you're working around other people's schedules, with things like graduations and vacations. It slows some things down, but everyone still understands how important it is."

"We've told people all along that we're not trying to establish any artificial deadlines," Yeager said. "You want to have everybody ask and answer all the questions. We're all agreed that at the end of this thing, we want everyone to make a decision that they're comfortable with and put it behind them and move forward."

I'll admit that I'm over this conference movement crap and ready for it to be over.


Anonymous said...

A Dash..check out the CAA Zone Board's latest gossip about UNCG under a thread titled 'Good Signs' reply 113-117. I wish this realignment stuff would end soon too but I also wish that I knew more.

Dash said...

Just don't think uncg is really in the mix for a CAA realignment. It's just a personal feeling & I might be wrong.

Anonymous said...

This is probably gonna come down to Davidson. If Davidson declines (which is not far fetched to think) their CAA invite than out goes the Davy/Furman/Elon deal. I bet they would come knocking at our door then. Maybe us with Elon and with somebody else down south. Charleston we already know is a goner. Just a matter of time.