Wednesday, December 30, 2009

NC State (9-3) @ UNCG (2-9)

When: Thursday, December 31 6 pm
Where: Greensboro Coliseum (7,617/23,500)
TV: Fox Sports Net

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Spartan Notes:
- Last time out, Wake Forest turned back a late Spartan rally to win, 75-60. Ben Stywall lead 4 UNCG players in double figures with 13 points and 14 rebounds.
- The Wolfpack will be the 5th team from the ACC that UNCG will face this season. So far, the Spartans have played well at times against Duke, Virginia Tech, Clemson and Wake Forest.
- The Spartans are still looking for their first win in their new home,the Greensboro Coliseum. The Spartans are 0-5 at home and have lost those games by an average of 15.2 points.
- Brandon Evans leads UNCG in scoring (12.2). Stywall is averaging 11.8 points and a team best 9.2 rebounds. Kyle Randall leads the team in assists (2.4).
- For the year, UNCG is shooting 38.5% from the field, 31.1% from behind the arc and 69.9% from the free throw line

Wolfpack Notes:
- Tuesday night, NC State jumped out to a 32-9 lead and cruised to a 68-52 win over Winthrop. Dennis Horner lead the Wolfpack with 12 points.
- NC State comes into the Greensboro Coliseum with a road record of 1-2. So far, State has won at Marquette and lost at Arizona & Wake Forest.
- The Wolfpack has already defeated two SoCon teams this season. Georgia Southern (75-57) and Elon (79-76) both fell to NC State at the RBC Center in Raleigh.
- Ten NC State players are averaging playing over 10 minutes a game. All of NC State's primary ball handlers (Javier Gonzalez, Farnold Degand, CJ Williams & Julius Mays) have a positive assist-to-turnover ratio.
- Tracy Smith leads the Wolfpack in scoring (16.8) and rebounding (9.2). Gonzalez leads in assists (5.8).
- For the season, NC State is shooting 45.7% from the field, 34.2% from behind the arc and 63.6% from the free throw line.

My Thoughts:
This game has the potential to be very interesting. NC State is not a particularly great rebounding team that has struggled at times with turnovers. While they do have some size, they are not the super tall team like Duke or Wake Forest. Also, the Wolfpack has struggled at the free throw line.

However, NC State does shoot the ball well from the field, especially behind the arc. They have very capable three point shooters at 4 of the 5 positions on the floor. The Wolfpack have been involved in quite a few close games this season. Three of their games have been one possession games. The Pack is 2-1 in those games. Also, they have played close games against several mid-major schools. If this is a close game with UNCG, NC State will not panic.

Let's hope that UNCG brings the same fire and passion to the court that they brought on Monday. The Spartans can be very competitive with NC State playing with that kind of energy. I expect there to be quite a few people in the Greensboro Coliseum. The atmosphere will be electric. Let's hope the home team can feed off that and get the victory.

Go Spartans !!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wake Blocks UNCG Upset Attempt

UNCG 60 - Wake Forest 75

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Wake Forest ended the game on a 16-4 run to turn back the Spartan upset bid. Wake was lead by Al-farouq Aminu's 23 points and 17 rebounds. The Demon Deacons finished the game with 16 blocked shots.

- Turnovers --- UNCG has been hampered this season by turnovers. Against Wake Forest, the guards took much better care of the ball. Kyle Randall, Montel Smith and all of the other Spartans that primarily handled the ball did a fine job of navigating through Wake's tall players and trapping press.
- Big men battle --- I thought that the undersized UNCG big men did a very solid job battling (what seemed like) an endless stream of Wake big men. After Brian Cole's 3 pointer, it was fun to watch Deacs have to follow him out to the perimeter. Cole, Elhanan Bone and Ben Stywall did a tremendous job of fighting for position and tapping balls around that they couldn't coral until other Spartans could pull the ball in.
- Ben Stywall --- After a couple of "off" games for Ben, he stepped up big time to help with rebounding (UNCG 44-Wake 42) and second chance points (UNCG 23-Wake 9). Ben finished the game with 13 points and 14 rebounds.

Block party --- Wake finished the game with 16 blocks. Some of that is a product of being the tallest team in college basketball. However, some of it was UNCG players penetrating too far and not having an idea of what they were going to do when they got to the basket. Hopefully, the guys had a chance to look at the film and come up with a better idea of what they want to do the next time they are in these situations.

All-in-all it was a fun atmosphere and the Spartans brought fire to the floor Monday night. Hopefully they can recreate this energy on Thursday night to give Spartan fans something more to celebrate.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Know You Enemy - Wake Edition

Even through all of the holiday madness, Wake Forest blogger Martin Rickman made time to answer a few of my questions about the Demon Deacons. Martin's site, Blogger So Dear, is a great site and I highly advise you all to check it out. You can find my answers here.

In the 2 games I've seen live, Al-farouq Aminu has been interesting to watch. He was impressive against NC Sate doing all the things you would expect a 6'-9" athlete to do, including a very impressive dunk. However, against William & Mary, he seemed content to just shoot (and miss) a lot of three point attempts. Give me your assessment of Aminu so far this season.

Aminu has not been himself so far. That said, it is hard to ignore or discount the fact that he is averaging a double-double and has the capability to dominate games in stretches (as we saw during the NC State game).

His problems have been two-fold. His decision-making has been a bit suspect--he'll take a shot he doesn't need to when he has the lane, he will not exploit the fact that he can back down just about anybody, etc... In addition, he has been way too generous with the ball. Rather than throwing an outlet pass and running the floor on the break, he'll try to take it coast to coast. He's been sloppy in general and has been turning it over a ton.

Our fans have a tendency to exaggerate our problems and Aminu is a good example. He may have a flashy dunk here and there, but most of his plays are garbage buckets and putbacks. That's just his game. When he cuts down on the turnovers and stays within himself, he just might be the best player in the ACC.

Monday's game will be the second Wake has played in the Greensboro Coliseum this year. The first, an 89-58 win over ECU, seemed to work out pretty well for the Deacs. Do you like the idea of giving up a couple of home "money" games in order for your team to get experience playing in the Coliseum?

I love it. As I'll explain more below, Dino has done a great job of taking on these road games. The Coliseum is close and gives us an opportunity to play road games in a friendly environment. Plus, it gets us prepared for the ACC Tournament, helping with site lines and familiarizing the team with the venue in general. And this might be a bit of a stretch, but it may bring a little more exposure to the school. Hey, Wake is always looking for ways to steal some fans from the schools down the road.

Coach Dino Gaudio has taken his share of criticism. What do you like and dislike about Gaudio as a coach

Maybe I'm just optimistic, maybe I'm a bit defensive, maybe it is because I covered a majority of the games last year, but I am really not as critical of Dino as a lot of other people. He has shown that he has a plan for the team and is putting in those measures little by little.

He has transformed the defense from one that was almost nonexistent to one that is one of the best in the nation at defending the three and packing the middle, leading to a ton of blocks. We also do a great job of rebounding (especially on the offensive glass).

Another positive has been his recruiting, although it is too early to accurately judge this. He looks to be bringing in a different type of player--and this year's class of CJ Harris and Ari Stewart are good examples. Next year's class is the money class, and if they flop, Dino goes, if they succeed, well, maybe that will take the heat off of him.

On the flip side, there are some things Dino definitely needs to work on. The half-court offense is atrocious. I mean, it's bad. The vaunted big men have not progressed and there is almost no production out of them. Free throw shooting is horrendous and we turn the ball over way too much. The team is sloppy as a whole. These are things that should be easy to fix and they haven't gotten any better at it.

Wake Forest lost a ton of firepower when James Johnson and Jeff Teague left for the NBA. How was Wake tried to offset the loss of these two great players?

When the season started, I really thought Farouq would be the one taking a ton of the scoring bulk. The biggest change has been the emergence of CJ Harris. He has shown a lot of Teague in him with his ability to shoot the basketball and drive the lane. Plus, Ari Stewart has done a good job of coming off the bench and scoring. Gary Clark has shown a lot of promise in stretches.

Overall, it just is a matter of balance. When Wake gets production out of 8-9 players, they are in good shape. We don't have the "playmakers" per se like James and Jeff, but Ish Smith has definitely become more of a focal point. This is his (and in a similar regard LD Williams's) team. When he goes, the Demon Deacons go.

Do you ever get tired of hearing that Zombie Nation song?

For our team, no. When other teams use it, yes. I'd be lying if I said I do get a little tired of our fight song at times, especially when we play it after something bad happens or we're getting smoked.

Having been born and raised in Winston-Salem, I've got to witness first hand the relationship between the city and school. It seems like over the last 6-7 years that Wake Forest and Winston-Salem have really started to embrace each other. Do you agree? What do you think brought about the change?

I think so. The biggest reason for this has been Ron Wellman. I don't know if we will really realize just how much he has impacted Wake Forest athletics until he leaves (and my money is that he'll end up as the next ACC commissioner). The guy has really tried to bring the city and the school together and this is something we definitely needed to have happen.

The Dash has a lot more people than most people think and it should love this school rather than outsourcing their fandom to places like Duke, UNC and State. Wellman (and President Hatch) need to keep this up and make Winston-Salem and Wake Forest a community. It will be interesting to see what other plans are in the works.

Prediction Time. How do you see the game going? Does Wake have any holiday hangover or do they destroy the Spartans? Give me a score.

Wake starts slow, but ultimately establishes their gameplan with defense and a lot of transition buckets. The hangover might last until midway through the half, but they will be able to control the tempo. They shoot about 52% and hold UNC-G to 38%. Wake wins by some range of about 18-25.

Wake Forest (8-2) @ UNCG (2-8)

When: Monday, December 28 7 pm
Where: Greensboro Coliseum (7,617/23,500)
TV: None

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Spartan Notes:
-Last time out, UNCG went ahead early but quickly fell behind a very good Richmond team. The Spartans lost 89-63. Brandon Evan scored 22 points.
- Evans has scored in double figures in 7 of the last 8 games.
- This is the first time Wake Forest has played at UNCG.
- This game marks the first of three straight ACC opponents for UNCG. The Spartans host NC State (Dec 31) and Maryland (Jan 3) before jumping into SoCon play next week.
-Evans leads UNCG in scoring (12.4). Ben Stywall leads the team in rebounding (8.7) and Kyle Randall leads in assists (2.4).
- For the season, UNCG is shooting 39.4% from the field, 31.5% from behind the arc and 69.3%from the free throw line.

Demon Deacon Notes:
- The Deacons have been off since a 67-59 win over NC State on December 20. Al-farouq Aminu lead Wake Forest with 18 points and 13 rebounds.
-Media members picked Wake Forest 6th in the preseason ACC basketball poll.
- The Demon Deacons have already defeated one Southern Conference team. Elon fell to Wake 90-50 on December 13 at LJVM Coliseum.
- Wake Forest has already played one game on the Spartans home floor. The Deacs defeated ECU, a common UNCG opponent, 89-58 at the Greensboro Coliseum.
- Aminu leads Wake Forest in scoring (16.1) and rebounding(10.7). Ish Smith leads the team in assists (5.3).
- For the year, Wake is shooting 46.9% from the field, 34.6% from behind the arc and 64.5% from the free throw line.

My Thoughts:
Without trying to be pessimistic, this is a very tough matchup for the Spartans. Wake has lots of size. It hurts even more that those players are super talented too. Wake shoots well, rebounds well and plays very tough defense.

However, the Deacons turn the ball over quite a bit and often get bogged down on the offensive end. As with all of the Spartans tough non-conference opponents, UNCG will have to play exceptionally well to have a chance. The Spartans will need to bring a lot of energy to the court, shoot well and limit mistakes.

Go Spartans !!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Turnovers Bury the Spartans

UNCG 63 - Richmond 89

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Holiday plans dictate that this post be very brief. I apologize that I can't do the normal game review. I'll be back doing full ones next week.

20 UNCG turnovers, coupled with Richmond shooting 55% squashed any threat of a Spartan upset. Brandon Evans scored 22 points, but he wasn't joined by anyone else in double figures. The Spartans don't play again until next Monday when they host Wake Forest. The Deacs will be the first of 3 straight ACC opponents to visit the Greensboro Coliseum.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


A few quick notes for today ...

- Today's game against Richmond is listed as being carried by If you're at work, it may be a banned website. So, tread lightly. I don't want to be responsible for anyone getting fired right before the holidays.

However, if you're at home or work at a laid back place (like me), feel free to check it out. As always with Channelsurfing, it may work some times and not others.

- I got an email today from WUAG sports director, Kris Ostrowka. He pointed out that WUAG* would be carrying all UNCG men's basketball games over the winter break. That's great news for everyone in the Greensboro area and beyond. The 103.1 FM signal is stronger than WPET's and I've always found their live stream to be clearer than that of WPET* (the athletics website too). Check out their website for a full schedule.

Also, Kris is the host of the Sports Cycle on Monday night from 7-9 pm on WUAG. Now that I know about the show, I plan on checking it out. I figured I'd let everyone else know about it too.

* It doesn't matter which station you choose to listen in on UNCG basketball. As I pointed out the other night in the WZTK post though, it's a great idea to show the basketball sponsors your patronage. Letting companies know that it's worth it to support UNCG athletics will help the program financially in the future.

Monday, December 21, 2009

UNCG (2-7) @ Richmond (8-3)

When: Tuesday, December 22 12 noon
Where: Robins Center (9,071)
TV: None

Richmond Athletics
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Spartan Notes:
- Last time out, UNCG fell behind Akron 18-4 and never recovered. The Spartans lost 83-59. Brandon Evans led UNCG with 13 points and 7 rebounds.
- Friday's loss broke a UNCG 2 game road winning streak. The Spartans had previously won at USC-Upstate and Samford.
- After playing at Richmond, the Spartan will have a 5 game home stand starting on 12/28. UNCG will host Wake Forest, NC State, Maryland, Wofford and Furman before going on the road again.
- Ben Stywall (12.0) leads a trio of Spartan players averaging double digits in scoring. Evans (11.3) and Kyle Randall (10.2) are the other players. Stywall also leads UNCG in rebounding (8.7). Randall leads in assists (2.3).
- For the season, UNCG is shooting 39.1% from the field, 32.6% from behind the arc and 69.6% from the free throw line.

Spider Notes:
- On Saturday, Richmond rallied from an 8 point halftime deficit to defeat #13 Florida 56-53. The Spiders held Florida to just 26% shooting in the second half. David Gonzalvez lead the scoring with 16 points.
- Richmond comes into the game sporting a 5-0 home record. Included in that record is a home win over the SoCon's UT-Chattanooga, 75-49.
- The Spiders were selected to finish third in the Atlantic 10 (A10) conference during the preseason. Three players (Gonzalvez, Kevin Anderson & Dan Geriot) were selected as all-conference players.
- Anderson leads Richmond in points (16.5) and assists (3.2). Geriot leads the team in rebounds (5.9).
- For the year, Richmond is shooting 44.0% from the field, 32.8% from behind the arc and 73.7% from the free throw line.

My Thoughts:
I looked over a lot of information to put together this preview. Other than Duke, Richmond is probably the best team the UNCG will play this season. They have a lot of guys that do a lot of things well. They shoot the ball really well and are very solid on defense.

Playing this game at 12 noon is the only thing that may help the Spartans. Maybe this early game time will have the Spiders trying to sleepwalk past UNCG. Also, UNCG's record may contribute to a lack of effort by Richmond. If the team can bring some big energy to the court, maybe they can steal a big road win.

Go Spartans !!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tough Loss to the Zips

UNCG 59 - Akron 83

Akron Beacon
UNCG Athletics
Akron Athletics

This quote from the Akron Beacon Journal's article sums up my thoughts of the game.

UA took uncontested shots inside and outside all night in a one-sided game that seemed over soon after it started.

- Another big game for Evans --- Brandon Evans continues to be a bright spot for the Spartans. Evans led UNCG with 13 points and 7 rebounds. Brandon has done a really good job of attacking the basket and finding open teammates.

- Slow starts --- UNCG got down 18-4 to start the game off. It was over after that. UNCG continues to play very poorly at the beginning of games and spend the rest of the time playing catch up. With three ACC teams and a very good A-10 team coming up on the schedule, things could be ugly for a while.
- No Fight --- In every game this season, the Spartans have found a way to crawl back into each game. The Zips never had to worry about that on Friday night.

The Spartans have a quick turn around to their next game. UNCG travels to Richmond to play a noon game on Tuesday. So, there's no time to dwell on the loss. Hopefully Coach Dement can make some quick adjustments and get the guys to playing better soon.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Carl Likes the Colts, Saints and Player Drama

After watching the UNCG-Akron game, I feel as though all of us fans might need to take a break to smile and laugh. Thus, I've posted a video's of Aqua Teen Hunger Force's Carl giving his "Stone Cold Lock of the Century ... of the Week". Enjoy and I'll post a game recap tomorrow.

Friday, December 18, 2009

101.1 FM Talk to Carry Some UNCG Games (Update)

I just got an email from Britt Whitmire (co-host of FM Talk 101.1's "Brad & Britt in the Morning" show) informing me that tonight's game against Akron, plus 10 or 11 more this season, will be airing on FM Talk 101.1 WZTK. As you can see from the coverage map, this station has a huge reach throughout the state of NC (even into Virginia).

This is great news to me and other UNCG fans that games will be carried on a powerful FM station like 101.1. Now we won't be forced to sit in front of our computers to hear to Scott Pryzwansky and Dick Stewart. Plus, it is great for alumni and potential UNCG students to get to hear games in the triangle and beyond. I think we are seeing the partnership with ISP starting to pay off for our fans.

I would advise everyone reading this to send emails to FM Talk 101.1, UNCG Athletics and ISP Sports thanking them for putting Spartan games on the air. Doing that lets these places know there is an interested fan base. Also, show the radio advertisers your patronage and let them know you heard them during UNCG games.

All of this can go a long way toward helping our program move to a higher level. Thanks to all of the people who helped to make this move.

Go Spartans !!!

UPDATE: Apparently, the game now won't be carried on WZTK. This is from UNCG Sport's Twitter page.

Having a tech problem with 101.1 tonight. Won't join the network until after Jan. 1 .

Thursday, December 17, 2009

UNCG (2-6) @ Akron (5-3)

When: Friday, December 18 7 pm
Where: Rhodes Arena (5,500)
TV: None

Akron Athletics
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Spartan Notes:
- Last time out, UNCG dropped a home game to Princeton, 65-50. Ben Stywall lead UNCG with 14 points and 7 rebounds.
- The Spartans are 2-2 in road games this season. UNCG dropped it's first 2 games at Duke and Virginia Tech before rebounding with 2 straight wins against USC-Upstate and Samford.
- Including Princeton, UNCG has out rebounded its last three opponents.
-Stywall leads UNCG in points (13.0) and rebounds (9.0). Kyle Randall leads in assists (2.4).
- For the season, UNCG shooting 39.5% from the field, 33.6% from behind the arc and 68.7% from the free throw line.

Zips Notes:
-Akron defeated Malone College (NAIA) 62-30 on Saturday. Brett McKnight had 18 points and 10 rebounds.
- Akron defeated UNCG 75-53 in Fleming Gym last season. "Humpty" Hitchens and Nate Linhart each scored 13 points for the Zips. Ben Stywall lead UNCG with 11 points and 11 rebounds.
- Media members picked Akron as the preseason favorite in the MAC conference.
-The Zips come into the contest sporting a 3-1 home record so far this season. Their only loss was the home opener to Austin Peay.
-No Akron player is averaging double digits in points. However, 4 players are averaging over 8 points.
- Nikola Cvetinovic lead Akron in scoring (8.9). Zeke Marshall Leads in rebounds (6.0). Hitchens leads the Zips in assists (2.4).
- For the season, Akron is shooting 40.8% from the field, 33.3% from behind the arc and 59.5% from the free throw line.

My Thoughts:
The Zips have a very tall team, and should have a huge size advantage over UNCG. However, the stats point to Akron not being a good shooting team (especially free throws). If it's close game down the stretch, I like UNCG's chances of taking advantage of this bad free throw shooting by Akron.

The Spartans have played much better on the road. For whatever reason, the guys have came out as the visitors and shot really well. Maybe they can continue the good play on the road against a team that is still trying to hit their stride. With a tough finish to the non-conference schedule, it would be great to pick up another win.

Go Spartans !!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Gold Home Uni's = Nasty Beatdown

UNCG 50 - Princeton 65

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UNCG wore their gold uniforms on Sunday and the result was similar to the East Carolina game. The guys came out lifeless and played with no energy. The defense was poor and they couldn't hit shots. Also, they wore the same gold uniforms against ECU.

- Brandon Evans --- Brandon was basically the entire offense for the Spartans. When it appeared UNCG had never seen a zone before, Evans would drive to the basket and make something happen.
- Zooperstars --- Yes, that's right. The Spartans brought so little excitement to the court that the other highlight was the fake animals dancing to N' Sync.

- Defense --- Princeton shot 50% and got any kind of shot they wanted, whenever they wanted.
- Shooting --- UNCG shot 38% from the field, but just 14.3% (2-14) from 3 point range. It really feels like UNCG has missed every big 3 point attempt they've tried at home this year.

That's all I've got. There is not another home game until after Christmas. That should be long enough for me to re-charge and get excited about going to coliseum all over again. Hopefully the Spartans can go and get a win (or two actually) on the road between now and then.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Princeton (3-4) @ UNCG (2-5)

When: Sunday, December 13 1 pm
Where: Greensboro Coliseum (7,617/23,500)
TV: None

Princeton Athletics
Princeton Blog
Ivy League Forum

Daily Princeton Preview

Spartan Notes:
- Last time out, UNCG missed two potential game tying 3 pointers in the final 20 seconds and fell to preseason SoCon favorite College of Charleston 69-66. The Spartans were led by Ben Stywall's 21 points and 14 rebounds.
- Mondays game was Stywall's second straight double-double. He scored 11 points and pulled down 15 rebounds against Samford on Saturday.
- According to an N&R article, guard Mikko Koivisto has been battling a hip strain for the past 2 games.
- UNCG is still winless in its new home, the Greensboro Coliseum. So far the Spartans have dropped games to # 22 Clemson, East Carolina and Charleston.
- Stywall is leading UNCG in scoring (12.9) and rebounding (9.3). Kyle Randall leads in assists (2.6).
- For the season, UNCG is shooting 39.6% from the field, 36.3% from behind the arc and 69.4% from the free throw line.

Tigers Notes:
- In their last game, Princeton overcame a 2 point halftime deficit to beat Lafayette 62-48. Douglas Davis paced the Tigers with 21 points.
- Princeton defeated UNCG 65-55 at Jadwin Gym last season. It was a poor shooting night for both teams. UNCG shot 29.6%, while Princeton was only slightly better at 38.2%. Davis (15 points) and Dan Mavraides (17 points) lead the Tigers.
- Princeton has 9 players that average playing more than 13 minutes a game.
- Davis leads the team in scoring (13.1). Marcus Schroeder leads in rebounding (4.0), assists (2.4) and minutes played (36.0).
- For the season, Princeton is shooting 40.2% from the field, 35.2% from behind the arc and 76.5% from the free throw line.

My Thoughts:
First off ... UNCG, please don't use the foul strategy to get back into this game. I couldn't overlook the fact that this team shoots over 75% from the free throw line. This was the one decision that Coach Dement made last year that caused to me to lose my mind. We turned a 1 possession game into a 10 point loss.

I think UNCG can take advantage of the Tigers being a very weak rebounding team. The Spartans are averaging almost 8 more boards a game than Princeton. However, Davis made seven 3 pointers in Princeton's last game. UNCG will have to play better perimeter defense than they have in their last 2 home contests.

I'm afraid the biggest factor on Sunday may be the crowd. With forecasters calling for some winter weather tonight, there might be very few people in attendance for a 1 pm Sunday tip off. The Spartans are going to have to bring their own intensity to the Greensboro Coliseum and not depend on crowd noise to help. If so, I think UNCG can be successful.

Go Spartans !!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Know Your Enemy - Princeton Edition

Last season, I was able to exchange questions with a Dayton basketball follower before the Spartans played the Flyers. I called the post "Know Your Enemy" (after my favorite Rage Against the Machine song). Well, it's time to try the segment again.

This time I was able to catch up with Jon from He runs a great site, but before visiting be warned. Jon's such an overachiever that he doesn't just follow the Tigers, but also many other teams with Princeton connections (Georgetown, Denver, Northwestern, etc).

I'll still post my normal preview later in the week. I answered his questions as well. I'll link to them when they are posted.

It looks like the Tigers have been streaky early in the year. Princeton won it's first 2 games, then lost their next four. The win last Saturday may be the start of another streak. What are the reasons for the up and down play?

In Princeton's first two games, the Tigers started both of their senior centers side-by-side. With 6'9" Zach Finley and 6'11" Pawel Buczak on the court together for long stretches, Princeton's interior defense was sound and both got very makable shots (though against Manhattan they inexplicably missed almost all of them at point blank range).

Despite that early success, the third game of the year against Army was a disaster. Neither Finley or Buczak felt the double (and sometimes triple) teams coming from smaller Black Knight defenders and combined to turn the ball over seven times with zero assists. After this game, where Princeton committed the second highest number turnovers they'd had this decade, the starting lineup was changed.

What have you seen so far out of the Tigers that you like? What have you seen that concerns you?

The lack of production from the center position remains concerning. Since Army, neither Buczak or Finley has completely gotten back on track. Buczak is shooting 28.1% from inside the three point arc and Finley has a 2:17 assist-to-turnover ratio. There have been flashes, but neither looks comfortable doing things that have come naturally to each of them in the past.

I have enjoyed watching Douglas Davis play. He was the first Princeton freshman to lead the team in scoring in program history and in the last two games he has been excellent - making good decisions and under control.

Two freshman forwards - Ian Hummer and Will Barrett have impressed defensively and both are long, active, and hard for the opposition to work around. However, Princeton has struggled to find a balance between what Hummer and Barrett were born with and what the veteran Finley and Buczak have learned. The Tigers are often two teams over one game and have not yet decided which side of the fence they'll ultimately fall on.

The all around game of a now-healthy Patrick Saunders, both on offense and defense, has been a positive. Saunders is one of those players doesn't do any one thing great, but he does almost everything well across the board. When Princeton ran their offense through a posting Saunders in the second half, the Tigers were able to pull away from Lafayette.

"Are we planning on guarding ________ ?" If I'm yelling this from my seat on Sunday, what Princeton player's name seems most likely to be in the blank?

Davis. He can hit from outside (see his seven threes versus Lafayette) at a decent clip and can also get into the lane to pull up for midrange jumpers. At Rutgers, when nothing was working offensively for Princeton in the first half, he was fearless driving right at the Scarlet Knights' big men and drawing fouls. If he gets going, it only opens up options for other Tigers.

Dan Mavraides, Princeton's second leading scorer, can put up points in very small stretches of time.

Head Coach Sydney Johnson took over a program that had fallen on some hard times. He is now in his third season. What are your thoughts about him as a coach? What has he done to really get this program moving back in the right direction?

I like Coach Johnson a good deal. Two+ seasons in, it is still hard to tell if he is as good an in-game coach as he is a recruiter and mid-week tactician, but his teams are always well prepared and usually play very passionately for him. There are a few very sly things he's coached his teams to do that remind you that he was previously an assistant for an exceptionally sly coach - John Thompson III at Georgetown.

Be honest ... is it flattering or just annoying hearing about the tons of teams around the country that run the "Princeton" offense?

Heh. It is more annoying to have people complain about the lack of backdoor baskets after a game because they think that's the only component of a "Princeton" offense. I really enjoy watching the different permutations of the Carril coaching tree play. There's stuff Denver runs that Georgetown would never do and sets Northwestern uses with great success that the other "Princeton" programs can't seem to pull off as regularly.

Prediction time. How do you see the game between the Tigers and Spartans going down? Just for fun, give me a score.

It sounds like UNCG, similar to Princeton, has struggled with slow starts this season. If the Tigers can play well in the first 10 minutes, I see them returning to New Jersey with a 57-52 victory. If Princeton struggles to score early, like they did versus Army, Cal and Rutgers - the Tigers could be chasing the Spartans all afternoon.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shots Just Miss the Mark

UNCG 64 - College of Charleston 67

News & Record
Charleston Post & Courier
UNCG Athletics
Charleston Athletics

Kendall Toney's attempt was a little short and Kyle Randall's was a little long. Thus ended the furious Spartan comeback. In a game that felt destined to be a 15 point Charleston win, UNCG fought back. They just couldn't quite get all the way back.

- Rebounds --- UNCG out rebounded Charleston 49-29. They led in offensive rebounds 25-8. The Spartans led in second chance points 29-8.
- Ben Sywall is a beast --- Coming off a game where he had had 11 points and 15 rebounds, Ben scored 21 points and had 14 rebounds. For the season Ben is averaging 12.9 points and 9.3 rebounds.
- Moxie --- UNCG has shown a lot of fight this season. There's not been a game where the guys mailed it in and gave up. They continue to go on impressive second half runs where they play with a sense of urgency. It's a shame they don't start out the games with that same sense of urgency.

- Starting Woes --- Once again, UNCG found itself down 9-2 in the first 5 minutes. It would be nice if the Spartans didn't need to show that "moxie" mentioned above. I don't know what the deal is with playing at home, but hopefully the guys can find a good rhythm soon.
- Quick guards --- For the second straight home game, UNCG got hammered by a lightning guard breaking down the defense.
- Luck --- Andrew Goudelock hit a shot that bounced off the rim 15 times, twice on the top of the backboard and then a dozen more times on the rim before it finally went in. Okay this obviously an exaggeration, but not by much. I don't know what we can do to get some good luck, but I'm open to suggestions.

This blurb from the N&R article gives a little insight into what has been going on with Mikko.

UNCG's Mikko Koivisto is battling a hip strain that is limiting his minutes. Dement said the senior guard can play offense, but can't slide his feet on defense. Koivisto played 11 minutes Monday after he could go only two minutes Saturday.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

College of Charleston (3-3) @ UNCG (2-4)

When: Monday, December 7 7 pm
Where: Greensboro Coliseum (7,617/23,500)
TV: None

Charleston Athletics
Charleston Forum
Charleston Blog

Spartan Notes:
- Last time out, Kyle Randall (21 pts), Bradnon Evans (16 pts) and Ben Stywall (11 pts & 15 rebs) led UNCG to it's most lopsided victory over a D1 opponent. The Spartans defeated Samford 73-40 in Birmingham.
- UNCG sits at 1-0 in the SoCon. After the game with Colloege of Charleston, the Spartans won't play another SoCon game until January 7.
- The Spartans have yet to win in their new home, the Greensboro Coliseum. So far, UNCG has lost to Clemson and East Carolina at home.
- There are 3 Spartans (Stywall, Randall & Evans) currently averaging double figures in scoring.
- Stywall (11.5) and Randall (11.5) lead UNCG in scoring. Stywall leads in rebounding (8.5). Randall (2.5) and Korey VanDussen (2.5) lead UNCG in assists.
- So far this year, UNCG is shooting 40.4% from the field, 37.1% from behind the arc and 69.1% from the free throw line.

Cougar Notes:
- In their last game, Jeremy Simmons and Donavan Monroe each scored 16 points to help College of Charleston defeat Davidson at home. The Cougars won despite giving up 20 offensive rebounds.
- Charleston is 2-0 in SoCon this season after beating Davidson and Georgia Southern at home this past weekend.
- The Cougars were picked #1 in the South Division in the preseason. Charleston's Andrew Goudelock was voted preseason Player of the Year.
- Goudelock leads Charleston in scoring (15.8) this season. Simmons is leading in rebounds (9.6) and Tony White Jr leads the team in assists (3.3).
- On the year, Charleston is shooting 43.4% for the field, 34.8% from 3-point range and 69.9% from the free throw line.

My Thoughts:
Honestly, I don't know what to think. I would have never thought that UNCG could go on the road and defeat any team by 30+ points. Do I think UNCG is good enough to do that every time out? No. But the guys showed what they could do when they played the perfect game.

Charleston is one of the best teams in the SoCon. However, it appears that giving up lots of offensives boards has been a problem for the Cougars. UNCG did a great job of grabbing lots of those in Birmingham and and not always forcing back up a bad shot afterwards.

Maybe a lively crowd and some big confidence can help the Spartans go to 2-0 in the SoCon before Christmas.

Go Spartans !!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Spartans Crush Samford in SoCon Opener

UNCG 73 - Samford 40

News & Record
UNCG Athletics
Samford Athletics

It's lucky for Samford that Mark Ingram and the Crimson Tide were getting ready to blow away Tim Tebow's Florida Gators. Otherwise, someone might have shown up at the Hanna Center and watched the Spartans destroy them 73-40. It was UNCG largest win in league history and largest over a D1 opponent. There were lots of positives and very few negatives. Let's get to them.

- Defense --- UNCG held Samford to 27.3% shooting for the game and 13.6% (3-22) in the second half. The Bulldogs didn't make a field goal the final 11 minutes of the game and only scored 12 points the entire second half. Those are some amazing stats regardless of the opponent. The Spartans didn't allow Samford's "Princeton offense" to get the backdoor cuts that it's accustomed to getting.
- Guards --- I will just lump them all into this category instead of listing them individually. Kyle Randall (21 pts, 5 rebs & 3 assists), Korey VanDussen (11 pts & 4 assists) and Brandon Evans (16 pts & 3 assists) all played tremendous and had great stat lines. You could also throw Kendall Toney into that mix as well. Kendall didn't have a great line, but did plenty of good things. All-in-all it was the most impressive game I've seen out of UNCG guards in the past few years.
- Big Men Shine Too --- I think I'll lump all of the forwards in together as well. After a rough outing last week, Ben Stywall (11 pts & 15 rebs) emerged again. Pete Brown, Elhanan Bone and Brian Cole all did a great job too. UNCG out rebounded Samford 40-22 (13-7 offensive rebounds), outscored them in the paint 20-10 and outscored them in second chance points 14-3.
- Effort --- It would have been easy for UNCG to get sloppy and play down to their opponent when Samford basically mailed it in during the second half. Instead the Spartans put their foot on the gas and finished them off. Also, UNCG showed up at game time with a lot of energy and intensity. This was a problem the previous Saturday when UNCG didn't seem to know the game against ECU had even started. Hopefully, the guys will continue to bring this kind of effort and energy to the court every night.

When you beat a team by 33, you have to stretch to find faults. While I'm sure coach Dement could point out plenty of them, mine are really reaches at best.

- Koivisto? --- I was shocked to look at the box score and see Mikko only played 2 minutes. After 2 really bad turnovers in the first half, he left the game and never got back on the court. Mikko has really had a rough few games and I hope that he can find what has made him a good player throughout the years. If not, he may find it hard to get back into the lineup with all of these young guards playing so well.
- Turnovers --- I know that UNCG only had 13 for the game. However, the 8 in the first half were the only thing that allowed Samford to stay competitive. UNCG beat them soundly in almost every statistical category and yet only led by 3 points on the scoreboard. When you are shooting almost 50% and making 5-9 3 pointers, you want to take shots on every single trip down the floor.

It was good to get a conference road win against a division opponent. Now UNCG sits at 1-0 in the SoCon with an undefeated College of Charleston coming to the Greensboro Coliseum tomorrow night. Time to get a win in front of the home crowd.

Friday, December 4, 2009

UNCG (1-4) @ Samford (2-5)

When: Saturday, Dec 5 2pm
Where: Pete Hanna Center (5,000)
TV: None

Samford Athletics
Samford Forum

UNCG Athletics Preview

Spartan Notes:
- The Spartans have had a week off since losing to East Carolina at the Greensboro Coliseum. Two 14-2 runs (one in the first half & one in the second) doomed UNCG. Two freshmen, Kyle Randall (13 pts) and Korey VanDussen (13 pts), led a fierce second half comeback before ECU went on it's decisive second half run.
- VanDussen and Kendall Toney enter this game as the only 2 Spartans sporting positive assist-to-turnover ratios.
- Ben Stywall is leading UNCG in scoring (11.6) and rebounding (7.2). Randall leads UNCG in assists (2.4).
- For the year, UNCG is shooting 38.7% from the field, 32.4% from behind the arc and 66.3% from the free throw line.

Bulldogs Notes:
- Last time out, Samford held Elon to just 26% shooting and won it's first conference game 55-31. Josh Davis lead Samford with 12 points.
- Samford is averaging just 13 turnovers a game.
- Josh Davis leads Samford in scoring (12.6). Trey Montgomery leads in assists (3.1). Jeffery Merritt leads in rebounding (4.7).
- For the season, Samford is shooting 46% from the field, 38.8% from behind the arc and 64.2% from the free throw line.

My thoughts:
Regardless of what has happened so far this year, this is the first conference game. It's on the road and against a division opponent. While a win sounds unlikely, it would be really sweet. Also, it would be a great time to send a message to the rest of the SoCon that this is not the same UNCG team from last year.

Hopefully, playing the Princeton offense 3 times last year (Samford twice, Princeton once) will help with the preparation for this game. Also, the SoCon did UNCG a favor by not making this one of those wonderful Thursday/Saturday trips to Chattanooga and Birmingham.

Go Spartans !!!

UPDATE: I just realized (30 minutes after the game was complete) that this preview didn't finish loading. I'm sorry everyone. I have been fighting a cold all week and I'm just now on the road to recovery. I'll be better with this going forward.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pirates Make Themselves at Home

UNCG 61 - East Carolina 82

News & Record
Greenville (NC) Reflector
UNCG Athletics
East Carolina Athletics

ECU evened up their record in the Greensboro Coliseum at 1-1. Meanwhile, UNCG's record there fell to 0-2. The bigger problem is that the coliseum in UNCG's home floor. ECU used a 14-2 run in the first half to take a commanding lead and a 14-2 run in the second half to turn back a fierce Spartan rally.

- Korey VanDussen --- After having a quiet start to his college career, Korey helped spur on the UNCG second half comeback. He finished the game with 13 points and 5 assists (0 turnovers).
- Kyle Randall --- VanDussen's back court partner scored a matching 13 points and pulled down 4 rebounds. These 2 freshmen, plus Brian Cole's scrappy play on the defensive end, really made this a game for part of the second half.
Crowd noise --- For a Thanksgiving weekend game that absolutely no students came to see, I thought the crowd was fun and rowdy (contrary to the N&R article's cheap shot).

- Bring some energy? --- UNCG brought absolutely zero energy to the court in the first half. It took almost 5 minutes for UNCG to make a shot from the floor in the game and the Spartans didn't make one for the final 4 minutes of the half. Honestly, this is a problem from last year that I had really hoped wouldn't carry over. Maybe this is a one time thing.
- Open shots --- UNCG shot 31.7% (23.5% in the first half) and many of the shots were very open. Other than Kendall Toney (who scored a team high 19 points) the rest of the seniors on the team shot an amazing 0-16 from the field. With this many seniors on the team, it shouldn't be freshmen that are having to lead a big comeback.
- Defense? --- ECU outscored UNCG 44-16 in the paint and shot 58.2%. There were times I counted the number of UNCG players on the court to make sure there were actually 5 because ECU players were so wide open. The coaching staff will have to get this figured out soon.

Let's must hope that this was a small bump in the road and that UNCG came get things back on track quickly.

Go Spartans !!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

East Carolina (2-4) @ UNCG (1-3)

When: Saturday, Nov 28 4 pm
Where: Greensboro Coliseum (7,617/23,500)
TV: None

East Carolina Athletics
East Carolina Forum - Rivals
East Carolina Forum - Scout
Boneyard Banter

Spartan Notes:
- Last time out, UNCG held off a late rally to defeat USC-Upstate 76-70 in Spartanburg, SC. UNCG got 19 points from Brandon Evans and 17 points from Ben Stywall to lead the charge.
- This game will be UNCG's second in its new home, the Greensboro Coliseum. The Spartans home opener against Clemson drew over 5,000 fans and over 2,000 students. The attendance for the ECU should be down quite a bit considering this game will fall during the students Thanksgiving break.
- This game will be a reunion of sorts. Brandon Evans transferred to UNCG from ECU before last season. Also, Coach Mike Dement is an ECU alumnus.
- UNCG enters this game sporting a top 100 RPI ranking and a strength of schedule rating of 32 according to realtimeRPI.
- Ben Stywall leads UNCG in scoring (13.8) and rebounding (7.8) so far this season. Kyle Randall leads UNCG in assists (2.8).
- On the season, UNCG is shooting 40.6% from the field, 36% from behind the arc and 63% from the free throw line.

Pirate Notes:
-Last time out, ECU came roaring back from a double digit halftime deficit to defeat South Dakota State and take 7th place at the Paradise Jam in the Virgin Islands. Jontae Sherrod led ECU with 23 points.
- Saturday's game will be East Carolina's second game of the season in the Greensboro Coliseum. ECU fell to Wake Forest, 89-58, at the coliseum on November 15.
- According to realtimeRPI, the Pirates' RPI is 176 and their strength of schedule is 82.
- Brock Young leads ECU in scoring (14.3) and assists (5.5). Darrius Marrow leads the Pirates in rebound with 6.7 a game.
- For the season, ECU is shooting 45.1% from the field, 33% from behind the arc and 68% from the free throw line.

My Thoughts:
This game will be a chance for Brandon Evans to show ECU what he can really do on the court. Hopefully, he'll be able to play within himself and not force things.

It appears that ECU has really struggled on the road this season, already dropping a game at Campbell (plus losing their earlier match up at the coliseum). UNCG needs to get up on them early to gain some confidence and to maybe shake any of the confidence that ECU gained by winning their previous game.

Hopefully the Spartans can build on the good things they did in Spartanburg and get it's first home victory.

Go Spartans !!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to take a second to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

UNCG Picks up First Win

UNCG 76 - USC-Upstate 70

News & Record
Spartanburg Herald-Journal
UNCG Athletics
USC Upstate Athletics

In a battle of Spartans, it was the UNCG Spartans that held off a late charge from the USC-Upstate Spartans to collect their first win of the young season. It's always good to go ahead and get that first win, and it's even nicer that it's a road win. Now it's time for the Spartans to come home and win in front of their own fans.

- Turnovers --- After having back-to-back games with 23 give aways, UNCG only turned the ball over 15 times in Spartanburg. The Spartan had 16 assists & 15 turnovers to post their first positive assist-to-turnover ratio this season. Kyle Randall, Korey VanDussen and Montel Smith did a great job of handling the ball against a team that bought pressure at times. Smith really stepped up and steadied things at a point when UNCG needed his senior leadership.
- Scoring --- It is nice to see several UNCG players have big scoring nights. Through 3 games, UNCG had struggled to get more than one player into double figures. Last night, there were plenty of scoring options for the Spartans. Brandon Evans had 19 points. Ben Stywall poured in 17. Mikko Koivisto scored 13. Randall had 9 and even Brian Cole chipped in 8 points in just 12 minutes on the court.
- First Half Shooting --- UNCG had the 6th best shooting half in school history last night (3rd best first half). The Spartans shot 65.4& (17-26) from the field and 71.4% (5-7) form behind the arc.

Free throws --- UNCG only shot 56.7% (17-30) from the free throw line. This allowed USC-Upstate to stay in a game that it felt like the Spartans should be winning by a lot more. Brandon Evans scored 19 points and barely hit 50% (8-15) from the line. With the way he drives the ball to the basket, he needs to hit more of those b/c he will end up on the line quite a bit. Hopefully, it was just a one game aberration for Evans and for the entire UNCG squad.

That's the only real negative that jumped out at me last night while listening to the game. Now that the Spartans have that first win under their belt, it's time to give us all something to cheer about at home. The East Carolina Pirates will be at the coliseum 2 days after Thanksgiving. Hopefully, there will be a nice crowd there that will have a reason to celebrate.

Go Spartans !!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

UNCG (0-3) @ USC-Upstate (0-3)

When: Tuesday, Nov 24 7 pm
Where: G.B. Hodge Center (1,535)
TV: None

USC- Upstate Athletics

UNCG Athletics Preview

UNCG Spartans Notes:
- Last time out, UNCG fell to #22 Clemson 89-67 in it's home opener at the Greensboro Coliseum. The Spartans fed off an enthusiastic crowd to play even with the Tigers through a good portion of the first half. A 17-2 run right before halftime gave Clemson a comfortable lead that it would not relinquish. Brandon Evan (17 pts & 5 rebs) and Ben Stywall (13 pts & 6 rebs) lead the Spartans.
- This game will UNCG's first outside of the ACC. The Spartans have opened the season playing at Duke (L 96-62) and at Virginia Tech (L 59-46) before playing Clemson at home on Friday night. Later in the season, UNCG will play ACC members Maryland, NC State and Wake Forest. All of those game will be played at home.
- Ben Stywall is leading UNCG in scoring (12.7) and rebounding (7.3). Kyle Randall leads UNCG in assists (2.3).
- Through 3 games, UNCG is shooting 38.5% from the field, 31.4% from behind the arc and 66.7% from the free throw line.

USC-Upstate Spartans Notes:
- Last time out, Winthrop erased USC-Upstate's 41-28 lead in the final 6:17 to win 49-46. Nick Schneiders and Mezie Uzochukwu led the Spartans with 13 points each. It was a tough shooting night for both teams as neither shot better than 32%.
- The Spartans opened their season getting routed by Nebraska, 76-49, before going to Indiana and playing the Hoosiers very tough. Indiana held off a late charge by USC-Upstate to win 69-61.
- This game will be USC-Upstate's home opener.
- Bobby Davis, who led USC-Upstate in scoring (14.8), rebounding (9.2) and assists (2.5) in 2008-2009, graduated this past spring.
- So far this season, Uzochukwu leads the Spartans in scoring (11.0). Schneiders leads the team in rebounding (7.0) and De'Marion Gordon is leading the team in assists (2.3).
- Through 3 games, USC-Upstate is shooting 37.1% from the field, 30.6% from behind the arc and 63% from the free throw line.

My Thoughts:
This game should tell us quite a bit about our team.

Go Spartans !!!

New Home

News & Record

The decision to move to the Coliseum has attracted attention to the program, brought in television and recruits and the kind of exposure to draw more. The agreement is a five-year deal. This is no experiment. UNCG has its mark on the
building, walls painted in blue and gold, the shield at mid court of the floor and Southern Conference banners hanging from the rafters of a building known for its long basketball history hosting NCAA tournaments: the 1974 Final Four, 21 ACC men's tournaments and the past 10 ACC women's tournaments.

Where UNCG fits into the basketball scene will be determined in years to come, but for the next five years at least, those other events will be held in UNCG's

"This is real," Record said. "People have been talking about it. Faculty members told me this was the first time in 20 years students in class had been talking about going to the basketball game. What we have to do now is build on that."

Facebook - UNCG Men's Basketball
UNCG Athletics

It was obvious from the very first second that I stepped out of my car on Friday night that this wasn't just about a basketball game. There were students tailgating in the parking lot. There was a marching band in the Pavilion. There was a "Welcome to the home of the UNCG Spartans" sign that greeted fans coming into the arena. There were televisions all over the place displaying UNCG's logo. Finally, there was that brand new blue & gold floor that we had gotten a glimpse at in last August. This was homecoming, a kick-off party and a festival all rolled in one.

While there plenty of things I liked (I'll list those) and some things I didn't like (I'll list those too), I was really impressed with all of the effort of everyone involved. I thought it all came out looking quite spectacular.

- The player introduction was awesome. It's the one thing I was hoping they would definitely use and it was even better than I had hoped. I really want every potential recruit to see that intro.
- All of the UNCG signage was great. obviously, the entrance sign was the one that caught my eye. However, there really were UNCG logos everywhere you looked, including the men's room.
- The Spartan Spot looked like a really fun area. Since I have a group of friends coming in town for several games this year, I'm certain I'll end up there at least once. $5 tickets and 2 bars just can't be beat.
- Tailgating looked like a blast. I just brought some Zaxby's because I was running behind (I even forgot the beer). However, the students looked like they were having a great time. It looked very reminiscent of tailgates that you'd see for football games. Which is something our students don't get to enjoy. So, I'm glad basketball can take the place of that for UNCG students.

There were a bunch of other things that really enjoyed that I'm sure I'm leaving out. However, there were 2 things that I was not so keen on.

- The student section being in the corner while 2 sections at mid court were almost empty. I watched the game off my DVR when I got home and still thought it looked ridiculous. Why wouldn't you want there to be 2 full sections of people wearing blue & gold for the TV cameras? It would make the arena seem louder for the television audience. Also, it would be a great incentive for students to get in line and get their tickets early.
- Leaving the coliseum was ridiculous. There has got to be a better way out of there than the way I went. I sat in traffic for 30 minutes to get out of the parking lot because all of the students and season ticket holders all are in one lot that has one entrance/exit. But there was no security personnel or cop there to stop traffic and allow the lots to empty. Instead, you had to fight your way out once you got to the exit. Plus, I didn't even want to go out that way. I needed to go towards Patterson to get on I-40. when I finally worked my way back around to where I needed to go, those exits were completely empty. It was just an irritating hassle that I really hope they get worked out for the next game.

Again, theses are really the only things that happened that I didn't like. All-in-all, it was an absolutely great experience. I'll continue to encourage all of my friends to make a trip over to see some games. I hope that everyone else will do the same.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you did or did not like about the Friday night coliseum experience. So, feel free to comment away.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tigers Down the Spartans

UNCG 67 - #22 Clemson 89

News & Record
UNCG Athletics
Clemson Athletics

I will have a completely separate post for my thoughts on the move to the Greensboro Coliseum. But for now I'll just comment on the game itself.

A 17-2 Clemson run turned a very competitive game into a rout. Luckily, the Spartans never quit (they haven't all year) and made the second half fun for everyone to watch.

- Tempo --- This may sound odd, but I think UNCG did a good job of keeping this game from turning into a full-on track meet. Clemson's press is designed to turn the game into a sloppy, up-and-down affair. UNCG for the most part didn't fall into the trap. I thought the guys did a good job of picking their spots on when to attack. It just seemed like too many of those shots wouldn't fall.
- Brandon Evans --- Brandon finished with a team high 17 points. Also, the alley-oop from Kyle Randall to Brandon was #2 and Sportscenter's Top 10 on Friday night.
- Ben played big --- As I re-watched my DVR'd copy of the game this morning, the announcers kept saying about Ben Stywall what most UNCG fans already know ... he plays bigger than his actual size. Ben's ability to get boards and get to the free throw line really kept UNCG in the game early.
- UNCG is not in the ACC --- All joking aside, I'm really glad that the Spartans get to play some teams not in the ACC for a while before having another 3 game stretch with them in late December.

- Turnovers --- I don't think is really a secret to anyone that saw the game. 23 giveaways is just too many.
- Missing open shots --- It seems like the Spartans missed a lot of open looks last night. Kendall Toney and MIkko just couldn't get a few open 3's to drop. When I re-watched the tape today, I noted that UNCG missed 3 lay ups during Clemson's big run. I think Coach Dement's halftime speech would have been different if the score would've been 42-30 instead of 42-24.

Anyways, it was a fun night and I'll get to that soon enough. From a basketball stand point, UNCG is now to the part in it's out-of-conference schedule where it need to get a few wins. I really think they can do that starting this Tuesday.

Go Spartans !!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

#22 Clemson (2-0) @ UNCG (0-2)

When: Friday, Nov 20 7 pm
Where: Greensboro Coliseum (7,617/23,500)
TV: FSN, ESPN Full-court, ESPN 360

Clemson Athletics
Clemson Forum - Scout
The Block "C" - Blog

UNCG Athletics Preview

Spartan Notes:
- Last time out, UNCG came up short in Blacksburg against Virginia Tech 59-46. The Hokies used an 11-0 run midway through the second half the hold off UNCG's upset bid. Kyle Randall and Mikko Koivisito led UNCG with 10 points each. Ben Stywall pulled down 8 rebounds. 23 turnovers really hurt the Spartans' cause.
- This will be UNCG's first game in their new home, the Greensboro Coliseum. Even though it can seat up to 23,500, it will be configured for most games to hold 7,617 fans.
- Through 2 games, Ben Stywall leads UNCG in points (12.5) and rebounds (8). Freshman Kyle Randall is averaging 9.5 points and team leading 3 assists.
- So far this season, UNCG is shooting 37.8% from the field, 31.8% from behind the arc and 58.6% from the free throw line.

Tigers Notes:
Last time out, Clemson thrashed Liberty, 79-39, in an odd 10 am game. The game was part of ESPN's "24 hours of basketball" promotion. David Potter led Clemson with 17 points as the Tigers hit 10 3 pointers in the game and caused 28 Liberty turnovers.
- Clemson is currently ranked #22 in the AP poll. The Tigers are just one spot lower, at #23, in the ESPN/USA Today poll.
- Last season, Clemson went 23-9 and lost in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.
- Clemson was picked to finish 3rd in the ACC this year. Trevor Booker was voted 1st team All-ACC (he was 3rd in Preseason POY voting).
- The Tigers have won 28 straight games in November and haven't lost a November game since 2004.
- Clemson lost 3 of their 5 starters from last season. Only Booker and Demontez Stitt return.
- The Tigers are averaging a ridiculous 19 a game through their first 2 games.
- Currently, Potter leads Clemson in scoring (12.5) while hitting 70% of his 3 point attempts. Booker is averaging a double-double with 11.5 point per game and 10 rebounds per game. Stitt and sophomore Andre Young are both averaging 4.5 assists per game.
- On the young season, Clemson is shooting 45.6% from the field, 44.4% from 3 point range and 62.5% from the free throw line.

My Thoughts:
The Spartans have one more game in the ACC gauntlet before taking a little break. UNCG will need to value the basketball in this game to have any chance. Plus, they will have to keep Clemson from getting a lot of transition looks at the basket.

The Tigers stats jump of the page. These guys are "scary" good and have already blown their first 2 opponents out (one on the road). Hopefully, UNCG can feed off the energy and excitement of playing at the coliseum in front of its home crowd. If that can happen, maybe the Spartans can be in it at the end.

Go Spartans !!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Spartans Fall Short in Blacksburg

UNCG 46- Virginia Tech 59

News & Record
Roanoke Times
UNCG Athletics
Va Tech Athletics

There were four lead changes and the score was tied 8 times last night. However, an 11-0 Virginia Tech run midway through the second half sealed the Spartans fate. A good first half that saw UNCG head to the locker room tied at 26, was follow by a not-so-good second half that saw UNCG struggle to score 20 points.

- Big D --- UNCG played tremendous defense throughout the evening. Their zone defense forced the Hokies to jack up a lot of 3's and only hit 1 (1-13, 7.7%).
- Mikko --- After a super quiet game in Durham on Friday night, Mikko Koivisto had a solid game. His 2 first half 3's sparked UNCG.
- Rebounding --- UNCG out rebounded Virginia Tech 38-37.
- Road toughness --- For the second straight game, UNCG showed some toughness and moxie by playing hard (and in this case being very competitive) in a tough environment.

- Turnovers - 23 turnovers leading to 27 points. A lot of the turnovers weren't really forced ones either. Unfortunately, UNCG will see a lot of pressure defense on Friday when Clemson pays a trip to the coliseum. Hopefully, Coach Dement can get the guys to clean up that problem quickly.
- Opposition offensive rebounds --- While UNCG did a good job out rebound Va Tech, they did give up a bunch of offensive rebounds (18). This was a problem in game #1 and was a problem again last night.
- Offense --- The Spartans shot 35.3% (29.2% in the second half) in Blacksburg and 40% last Friday night at Duke. At some point the offense needs to come alive. Now, I'm sure that playing ACC competition has an awful lot to do with the low production numbers. Maybe getting to shoot in a familiar gym will help with the percentages in the coming games.

Monday, November 16, 2009

UNCG (0-1) @ Virginia Tech (1-0)

When: Tuesday, Nov 17 7 pm
Where: Cassell Coliseum (10,052)
TV: None

Virginia Tech Athletics
Virginia Tech Forum - Rivals
Virginia Tech Forum - Scout
Tech Sideline Forum
Tech Hoops

UNCG Athletics Preview

Spartan Notes:
- Last time out, UNCG fell to Duke 96-62 at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Ben Stywall led the Spartan with 19 points and 8 rebounds. Freshman Kyle Randall led the Spartans with 4 assists.
- UNCG had 9 players play double digit minutes in the season opener.
- UNCG shot 40% from the field, 33% from behind the arc and 55.6% from the free throw line in the opener.
- Elhanan Bone is questionable for this game.

Hokies Notes:
- Last time out, Virginia Tech defeated Brown 69-55. Malcom Delaney led the Hokies with 21 points.
- Virginia did a great job of taking care of the ball in its opener. Virginia Tech only turned the ball over 8 times and dished out 15 assists (1.9-to-1 Assists to TO ratio).
- Virginia Tech lost its leading scorer from a year ago to graduation. A.D. Vassallo averaged 19.1 points last season. However, the leading rebounder (Jeff Allen) and leading assists man (Delaney) did return for this season.
- In the season opener, Virginia Tech shot 46.4% from the field, 41.2% from behind the arc and 55.6% from the free throw line.

My Thoughts:
UNCG has never played well against Virginia Tech. However, their height advantage doesn't even get close to the advantage that Duke held over the Spartans. Cassell Coliseum is a tough place to play. Again, though, the Spartans played in an even tougher place on Friday.

UNCG's freshmen played well at times against Duke and left fans with reason to feel optimistic. It will be interesting to see how they follow up that performance. At a glance, UNCG didn't appear competitive with Duke. But those of us that actually watched know it was a 16 point game with about 10 minutes left before the Blue Devils went on one of their patented runs to bury UNCG.

Virginia Tech didn't overwhelm their first opponent this year. The Spartans might have a chance to catch the Hokies sleepwalking. However, to beat an ACC team on the road, UNCG will have to play an almost perfect game. Hopefully the guys can build on the good things they did on Friday and surprise the Hokies.

Go Spartans !!!

UPDATE: is listing this game as being shown @ 7.

4 Sign to Play for Spartans

Cody Henegar (Jasper, TN), Drew Parker (La Porte, TX), Mike Liabo (Carbondale, IL) and Trevis Simpson (Douglas, GA) signed LOI's to take 4 of UNCG's 5 available scholarships next season. I've already posted articles about Parker and Henegar. So this post will focus on the 2 players that have not been profiled.

Mike Liabo (6'-6" SF, Brehm Prep) was an honorable mention all-state player in Florida in 2008 before his family moved to Illinois. Originally of class of 2009 player, Liabo is spending this season at prep school. Before heading to Illinois, named Mike #7 in their class of 2009.

- Here is the story of Mike's signing on Friday from Brehm Prep's blog.

- Here is an interview of Mike from several months ago.

Trevis Simpson (6'-5" SF, Coffee County HS) originally committed to the University of Buffalo. However, after a recent visit, Simpson changed his mind and has ended up here at UNCG.

- ESPN graded Simpson an 87.

He's a long armed, wiry wing player. Has good athletic ability. Excellent in transition. Can get to the rim because of his ability to knife through the defense or catch the ball and finish with a dunk. Handles the ball well. Plays with his head and eyes up looking for an opening to score or draw and kick.

- Rivals rates Simpson as a 3 star recruit that received interest from BCS program's throughout the southeast. Scout rated Trevis as a 2 star recruit.

- ranked Trevis (misspelled as "Travis") as the #13 player in the state of Georgia in the class of 2010.

Welcome to the Spartans, Mike & Trevis !!!

This Week in the SoCon

For the week of Nov. 16-Nov 22 (leaving out games against non-D1 schools)

Ga Southern @ South Carolina
Elon vs Charlotte (Durham)

UNCG @ Va Tech
Elon vs TBA (Durham)
ETSU @ Chattanooga
Presbyterian @ Furman
Winthrop @ College of Charleston
Wofford @ Georgia
Charleston Southern @ Citadel

Ga Southern @ Florida
Western Carolian @ Texas

Davidson vs South Florida (Charleston)

Clemson @ UNCG
Davidson vs TBA (Charleston)
App State @ Arkansas
Citadel vs Eastern Michigan (Mo. State)
Samford @ Texas A&M

Davidson vs TBA (Charleston)
Datmouth @ Furman
Citadel @ Missouri State
Ga Southern @ Jacksonville State

Citadel vs UMES (Mo. State)
Wofford @ Bradley
Chattanooga @ Richmond

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Spartans fall at #9 Duke

UNCG 62 - Duke 96

News & Record
Durham Herald
UNCG Athletics
Duke Athletics

Box score

I've decided to do the post game articles a little different this year. I think my "good, bad & ugly" approach last year was a little too pessimistic. This season, I'll go with "positives & negatives".

The score was lopsided on Friday, but UNCG played well against probably the best team they'll see all year. Not to mention playing a lot of young guys in a very hostile environment.

Before I get on to my thoughts on the game, I want to tell everyone to go check out Chancellor Brady's twitter page. Her in game commentary was awesome.

- Ben was Ben --- Ben Stywall (19 points & 8 rebs) did what he always does. He scored in a lot of different ways and seemed to be around every rebound in the second half.
-Guard play --- The first time I saw one of UNCG's guards penetrate to the basket, I nearly fell over. It happened more times against Duke than it did all of last year. I thought all of the guards did some good things.
- Poise in a tough environment --- Being down 21 point at the half, UNCG could have really mailed it in for the second half. Instead they came out and fought hard. There were times that last season's squad seemed disinterested after they got down. With the hard OOC schedule that this team has, I really hope they can continue showing this kind of resiliency.
- Freshmen --- Randall, KVD and Cole all had some very good moments and showed why they were well thought of by various recruiting services.

- We couldn't get taller during the game --- Obviously, I'm joking here. However, Duke's size really beat up the Spartans. Even when forced into tough/bad shots, the Blue Devils would be waiting for second chance points.
- Bad turnovers early --- Early in the game UNCG made some bad passes that led to easy Duke points. When playing good teams, the Spartans have got to make them work for all of their points.

Hopefully, UNCG can take it's positives and put up a better fight on Tuesday in Blacksburg. Go Spartans !!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

UNCG (0-0) @ #9 Duke (0-0)

When: Friday, November 13 7 pm
Where: Cameron Indoor Stadium (9,314)
TV: Fox Sports Net

Duke Athletics
Duke Basketball Report (DBR)
Duke Forum (Scout)
Duke Forum (Rivals)

UNCG Athletics Preview

Spartan Notes:
- UNCG is coming of a miserable season in 2008-2009. The Spartans went 5-25 and lost in the first round of the Southern Conference tournament.
- Even though there were no seniors on last season's roster, UNCG lost 3 players over the off season. Damian Eargle (Youngstown State), Daniel Oliver (St. Leo) and Landon Clement (NC Central) all transferred in the summer.
- The Spartans brought in a very nice recruiting class for this season. Korey VanDussen (Zeeland, MI), Kyle Randall (Youngstown, OH), Brian Cole (Dacula, GA) and Taylor Hoffer (Poulsbo, WA) are new to the 2009-2010 squad. Randall was the 2008-2009 Pennsylvania Class A player of the year. ESPN ranked Cole in their top 30 of centers last season. VanDussen finished 3rd in voting for Michigan's Mr. Basketball. Hoffer was a 3 star rated recruit by Rivals. All four guys were nominated for the McDonald's All-American Game.
- Unfortunately, Hoffer will have to redshirt this season after suffering a leg injury.
- East Carolina transfer Brandon Evans is available to play this season after sitting out the 2008-2009 season.
- Evans scored a game high 16 points in last Saturday's Blue-Gold Scrimmage. Kendall Toney led his team with 14 points. Ben Stywall (15), VanDussen (14), Pete Brown (12), Cole (12) and Mikko Kiovisto (11) all scored in double figures. Stywall and Darius Seller had a game high 6 rebounds.
- Elhanan Bone is listed as out for this game.
- UNCG has never beat a ranked team.
- Koivisto led UNCG in scoring (12.4) and assists(2.4) last season. Ben Stywall was the team leader in rebounds (8.4).
- Last season UNCG shot from the 39.8% field, 31.4% from behind the arc and 64.8% from the free throw line.

Blue Devils Notes:
- Last season, Duke went 30-7 and made it to the "Sweet Sixteen" of the NCAA Tournament before failing to Villanova in the regional semifinals. Duke won the ACC Tournament.
- Duke sits currently at #9 in the AP poll. They are one spot higher at #8 in the ESPN/USA Today poll.
- The Blue Devils lost one of their biggest contributors, Gerald Henderson, to the NBA. Henderson is currently playing for the Charlotte Bobcats.
- Duke returns 7 players who averaged double digit minutes last season. Kyle Singler and Jon Scheyer averaged playing over 30 minutes a game last season.
- Elliot Williams (Memphis) transferred during the off season to be closer to his sick mother.
- According to Scout, Duke brought in 3 of the top 10 players in the country for this season. Ryan Kelly and Mason Plumlee were rated as 5 star prospects, and Andre Dawkins was a 4 star prospect.
- The Blue Devils starting PG, Nolan Smith, will be suspended for this game. Smith participated in an unsanctioned basketball game and was suspended for the first 2 games of Duke's regular season.
- Singler led Duke in scoring (16.5) and rebounding (7.7) last season. Scheyer led Duke in assists (2.8).
- Last season, Duke shot 44.4% from the floor, 34.9% from behind the arc and 72.8% from the free throw line.

My Thoughts
This game is pretty straight forward. UNCG has to play a perfect game and hope that Duke is sleep walking. Even then, it might not be enough to overcome playing in one the most hostile environments in college basketball. Duke has a huge size advantage. They will probably only start one player under 6'-5". UNCG may only start 1 player over 6'-5". However, Duke is very thin at the guard spot without Nolan Smith. In their exhibition tune-up for this game they struggled in the first half without having Nolan in the game. Maybe UNCG's improved guards can disrupt Duke and keep the Spartans in the game.

UNCG plays a brutal stretch to open the season. So, I'd really like to see them play well enough in this game to come away with some confidence to carry over into the next few weeks. Also coming away injury free would be nice. The freshmen should take away some great experience knowing they will not play in a tougher venue the rest of the season.

Go Spartans !!!

UPDATE: The News & Observer is reporting that Duke freshman Mason Plumlee is out indefinitely with a fractured wrist.

Signing Day and Polls

First off, today is the first day that high school players are allowed to sign the national LOI to college. So far, there are 2 players committed to UNCG. I'll update this post when UNCG the athletic department posts an article. Hopefully there will be a couple more players to commit as well.

- The SoCon media and coaches announced their preseason picks this past week. The coaches tabbed UNCG to finish 5th in the North Division. They selected College of Charleston's Andrew Goudelock as the preseason POY. The media picked G last. However, one media member gave the Spartans a first place vote.

Thank you (who ever you are) for you confidence.

I would like to wish a Happy Veteren's Day to all those who have served or are serving in our military (home and abroad).

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Scrimmage Notes

I figured I would just post a few of my thoughts from the Blue-Gold scrimmage played this past Saturday.

- UNCG has a lot more scoring options from last year. Judging by the point totals, there are quite a few guys that can step up from game to game.

- PG was a concerning position last season. This season it may be the deepest spot on the team. Smith, Randall, KVD and Spooner all had good moments during the game. It's also nice to see PG's with the ability to score.

- The Spartans need Brian Cole to stay out of foul trouble.

- Pete Brown looks like the same player that finished last season on a tear.

- I get the feeling we are going to see a lot of zone defense to prevent our thin front line from getting into foul trouble.

- UNCG has the guards to really turn up the pressure on defense.

- East Carolina will regret letting Brandon Evan get away.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Well, it was bound to happen since it was UNCG vs UNCG. Sorry for the misleading title. Here is the game story. I'll post thoughts early next week.

Blue-Gold Scrimmage

When: Saturday Nov 6, 12 pm
Where: Fleming Gym (2,300)

- SoCon coaches picked UNCG to finish 5th in the North Division this week. Western Carolina, App State & Samford were selected ahead of the Spartans. College of Charleston was picked 1st in the South Division. College of Charleston's Andrew Goudelock was the Preseason Player of the Year.

- There will be a big change in venues for UNCG this year. The Spartans move from Fleming Gym (2,300) to the historic Greensboro Coliseum (23,500). The Coliseum is being sectioned off to seat ~7,600 for most games.

- There were no seniors on the team last season. However, the Spartans did lose 3 members of that squad over the summer. Daniel Oliver (St. Leo), Landon Clement (NC Central) and Damian Eargle (Youngstown State) all transferred in the off season. Clement lead the team in scoring in several games and Eargle was an all freshman performer.

- Last season, Mikko Koivisto lead UNCG in scoring (12.4) and assists (2.4). Ben Stywall averaged 11.7 points and a team high 8.4 rebounds.

- UNCG opens the season at #8 Duke (Nov. 13) and at Virginia Tech (Nov 17) before hosting #24 Clemson in the home opener (Nov 20).

- UNCG adds 4 very promising freshman this season. Brian Cole, Kyle Randall, Korey VanDussen and Taylor Hoffer join the Spartans for 2009-2010. Unfortunately, Hoffer has already suffered an injury and will sit out the entire season.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Blue Devil Notes

Since our first opponent is Duke (Nov. 13th, FSN) I thought I'd post some recent information on the Blue Devils. To read the latest on Duke, take a trip over to the Duke Basketball Report.

- Duke defeated Pfeiffer (Division II) 128-70 in their first exhibition game. Kyle Singler scored 21 points. Freshman Mason Plumlee scored 18 points and pulled down 12 rebounds.

- The Blue Devil's won their second exhibition game against the defending Division II champions Findlay, 84-48. Kyle Singler led Duke with 20 points.

- Duke's starting PG, Nolan Smith will not be available for the first 2 Duke games because he played in an unsanctioned game this summer.

Smith will miss the first two games of the regular season for partaking in an unsanctioned summer league event near his home in Washington, D.C. Duke's junior guard forgot to clear his participation in the games with the school's compliance department, which caused a problem when Smith told the Blue Devils' coaching staff upon his return to campus for the second summer school session.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Secret Scrimmage

According to Fox's Jeff Goodman, UNCG will be scrimmaging High Point on Saturday. Here's the list from his blog. SoCon teams in bold.

Friday, Oct. 30
San Diego at Long Beach State
Montana vs. Washington State in Spokane
San Jose State at Sacramento State
Illinois-Chicago at Chicago State
Northwestern State at Louisiana-Monroe

Saturday, Oct. 31
Villanova at George Washington
Northeastern at Boston College
Western Kentucky at Georgia Tech
Arizona State at Texas Tech
Davidson at Texas
South Carolina at Wake Forest
Boston University at UMass
Saint Mary’s at Nevada
Virginia Tech at Charlotte
East Carolina at Richmond
La Salle at VCU
UC Irvine at Stanford
Penn State at Duquesne
DePaul at Bradley
Colorado at Utah
Winthrop at UNC Wilmington
Hofstra at Bucknell
UT Arlington at Lamar
Murray State at Lipscomb
Cal State Fullerton at Pepperdine
Buffalo at St. Bonaventure
New Orleans at Southeast Louisiana
Toledo at Youngstown State
UNC Greensboro at High Point
Jackson State at Middle Tennessee State
Rider at Columbia
Savannah State at Georgia Southern
UC Davis at San Francisco
Hartford vs. Towson at Stevens Tech
Northwestern State at Louisiana-Monroe
Lafayette at Cornell
Hampton at James Madison
Norfolk State at William & Mary
Bowling Green at Oakland
Drake at UMKC
Stephen F. Austin at SMU
Jacksonville at College of Charleston
Charleston Southern at Furman
Central Connecticut at Stony Brook
Presbyterian at USC Upstate
Niagara vs. Robert Morris in Erie

Sun, Nov. 1
North Carolina at Vanderbilt
St. John’s at St. Francis (NY)
Marquette at Virginia
Georgia at Clemson
LSU at South Alabama
Kansas State at Wichita State
Michigan at Eastern Michigan
San Jose State at California
Iona at Rutgers
Baylor at TCU
Wyoming at Fresno
Marist at Long Island
Albany at Colgate
Southern Mississippi at Samford
Quinnipiac at Penn
Wofford vs. Belmont

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Texas Guard Picks UNCG

According to, 6'-2" PG Drew Parker (La Porte, TX) has committed to UNCG.

The Houston-area HS basketball website RCS Sports says this about Drew's commitment.

The floor general wanted you guys to know why he chose UNCG. "They have been recruiting me the hardest". He took a visit to the campus last week and that played a huge role as well. "The visit was an awesome experience, and I know I have an opportunity to start and make an immediate impact as a freshman. Playing in the Coliseum in front of 24,000 people doesn't hurt either". Actually the school decided to move all home games to Greensboro Coliseum which can seat up to 24k, but is sectioned off to accommodate 11,687 during UNCG games - an easy amount to sell out for the Spartan fans.

Here is an article by the UT-San Antonio website UTSAtailgaters.

"He has great leadership. This will be his fourth year on varsity at the 5A level. He's a great student and he'll graduate in either the top 5 or top 10 of his class", said Coach Mason (LaPorte HS Head Coach). Athletically, Parker is known as a true point. He can break down the defense of the dribble, is known to push the ball ahead to his teammates and is always looking for the open player. Drew has been evaluated as having a nice jump shot up to three point range, but does need to work on his shot being consistent.

Some of the schools according to Coach Mason that are showing interest in Drew are Columbia, Dartmouth, UNC-Greensboro, Cal-Poly and other SLC schools along with UTSA.

Coach Mason also filled us in and let us know that dating back to his junior high days, Drew just knows how to win as thus far all three years on varsity have resulted in more than 20+ wins each season. Drew looks to make 2009-2010 his fourth straight year of 20+ wins.

With all the talent in the state of Texas year in year out, Parker is obviously one of the best to be ranked in the Texas Top 20.

This article is from a Montana State blog.

Parker is an excellent student who is looking at much at the educational opportunities at the schools who are recruiting him as much if not more than the athletic opportunities. He currently holds offers from Texas State, Montana State, Cornell, UNC-Greensboro, UTSA, Columbia, HBU, Lamar, Lehigh, the Naval Academy and Air Force. He has already visited UNC-Greensboro and Columbia on official trips and plans to take an unofficial trip to Texas State. ranks Drew as the 17th best player in the state.

Drew is a savvy floor leader with a good understanding of the game. He sees the floor very well, can push the ball up court and kicks it ahead to the open player in stride. He can break down the defense off the dribble, always knows where his teammates are and can knock down shots out to the 3 point line. He is a good shooter but does have an odd release that can lead to him being streaky at times. He is a solid one-on-one defender, really knows how to run a team and plays with a ton of confidence/cockiness.

Drew plays AAU for the Houston Clippers. Their team website has tons of pictures, videos and information.

Welcome to the Spartans, Drew !!!