Sunday, December 30, 2012

UNCG (2-8) @ #23 NC State (10-2)

When: Monday, December 31 5 pm
Where: PNC Arena (19,722)

NC State Athletics

UNCG Stats
Last Game: Wake Forest (L 70-84) Recap
PPG: 77.3
RPG: 39.2
APG: 13.7
Leader Points: Trevis Simpson (20.3)
Leader Rebounds: Kelvin McNeil (7.1)
Leader Assists: Drew Parker (3.7)
FG %: 42.3
3 Pt %: 33.9
FT %: 69.2

NC State Stats
Last Game: Western Michigan (W 84-66) Recap
PPG: 80.8
RPG: 36.2
APG: 14.9
Leader Points: CJ Leslie (15.3)
Leader Rebounds: Richard Howell (9.3)
Leader Assists: Lorenzo Brown (6.1)
FG %: 53.5
3 Pt %: 38.7
FT %: 65.1

This is just scary. This is one of the top 5 offensive teams in the country across the board with 6 guys averaging over 9.5 points. NC State doesn't even pretend to not use their strength which is Richard Howell and CJ Leslie on the inside. UNCG really had no one that can cover those guys down low. This is the reason the Wolfpack lead the country in FG %.

On the bright side, NC State isn't exactly a wonderful defensive team and they will easily play the pace that the Spartans want to play. It will take a wonderful offensive effort from the UNCG main scorers (Simpson & Armstrong) in order to keep this game close. It will also take a defensive effort that we haven't seen up until now to keep the Wolfpack from scoring at will.

In the end, I'm hoping for an interesting and competitive game and very good new year.

Go Spartans !!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

UNCG-Wake Forest Highlights

First Half Run Keeps Spartans At Bay

UNCG 70 - Wake Forest 84

UNCG Athletics
WFU Athletics

Halftime: UNCG  29 - Wake Forest 38

UNCG Stats
Leader Points: Trevis Simpson (25)
Leader Rebounds: Kelvin McNeil (7)
Leader Assists: Simpson, Korey Van Dussen (tied - 4)
FG: 25-59 (42.4%)
3 Pt: 8-21 (38.1%)
FT: 12-15 (80.0%)
Rebounds: 30
Turnovers: 16

Wake Forest Stats
Leader Points: Travis McKie (19)
Leader Rebounds: Thomas, Adala Moto (tied - 6)
Leader Assists: Codi Miller-McIntyre (5)
FG: 27-15 (52.9%)
3 Pt: 7-16 (43.8%)
FT: 23-32 (71.9%)
Rebounds: 32)
Turnovers: 16

I made it clear in my pregame thoughts that this was an ACC team. Definitely at the top of that league, but they do have ACC talent level. They showed it on Saturday afternoon.

I thought UNCG did a very good job of getting the type of shots they were looking for adn did a pretty nice job of knocking those down. Again, they went a little too much 1-on-1 and spent a little too much time watching Simpson and Armstrong instead of moving without the ball. However, it's hard to fault the Spartans too much for what I saw on the offensive end of the floor.

The problem for UNCG was on the defensive end of the court. Wake did a very good job of just executing their system and working until they eventually got the look they were looking for on offense. I think you can criticize the Spartan's defense, but a lot of praise must be given to the Demon Deacons.

Hopefully, UNCG can learn and grow from this game. Go Spartans !!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Wake Forest (5-5) @ UNCG (2-7)

When: Saturday, December 22 2:30 PM*
Where: Greensboro Coliseum (7,617/23,500)
TV: None/ ESPN3/ Spartan All-Access

*Game time is approximate. Game will follow UNCG-FSU women's game that begins at noon.

Wake Forest Athletics

UNCG Stats
Last Game: @ UNCW (L 73-87) Recap
PPG: 78.1
RPG: 40.2
APG: 13.6
Leader Points: Trevis Simpson (19.8)
Leader Rebounds: Kelvin McNeil (7.1)
Leader Assists: Drew Parker (3.8)
FG %: 42.3
3 Pt %: 33.5
FT %: 68.4

Wake Forest Stats
Last Game: Furman (W 79-55) Recap
PPG: 69.5
RPG: 31.8
APG: 11.8
Leader Points: CJ Harris (14.5)
Leader Rebounds: Travis McKie (8.3)
Leader Assists: Codi Miller-McIntyre (2.8)
FG %: 45.5
3 Pt %: 36.6
FT %: 68.5

Let's just start by point out something super obvious. Wake Forest in an ACC team. They may not be upper echelon ACC team, but they are an ACC team nonetheless. I know there are some Spartan fans out there that seem to think that this is a team UNCG should beat. However, I think those people are completely ridiculous.

The Demon Deacons have done a good job of winning games that they should on paper. They are a fairly good shooting team with 2 stud players in CJ Harris and Travis McKie. It will be imperative for David Williams to play a solid defensive game where he can somehow stay out of foul trouble. Also, Wake appears to be vulnerable on the boards. UNCG has done a good job of rebounding on both ends and will need to continue that on Saturday to have a chance.

UNCG will need to do a much better job on the offensive end of playing a little more under control and sharing the ball. The Spartans have spent too much time going 1-on-1 on this recent road trip. It would be nice to see good movement and energy on that end of the court.

It would be nice to see UNCG get a good home win to re-energize a fan base that is really starting to lose confidence in this team and this season. Beating an ACC team would do just that and probably then some.

Go Spartans !!!

Seahawks Rout Spartans

UNCG 73 - UNCW 87

UNCG Athletics
UNCW Athletics

Halftime: UNCG 28 - UNCW 49

UNCG Stats
Leader Points: Trevis Simpson (19)
Leader reboudns: Derrell Armstrong (13
Leader Assists: Derrell Armstrong (2)
FG: 25-68 (36.8%)
3 Pt: 4-20 (20.0%)
FT: 19-32 (59.4%)
Rebounds: 37
Turnovers: 6

UNCW Stats
Leader Points: Keith Rendleman (23)
Leader Rebounds: Cedrick Williams (15)
Leader Assists: Tanner Milson (4)
FG: 30-59 (50.8%)
3 Pt: 9-16 (56.2%)
FT: 18-31 (58.1%)
Rebounds: 48
Turnovers: 13

It was a disappointing all around effort for UNCG on Wednesday night. Much like last Sunday's game at James Madison, the Spartans played an abysmal first half. Unfortunately, there was no inspired effort in the second half. UNCG could get no closer than 13  in the second half and the Seahawks cruised to a home victory.

Unfortunately, it was the same problems for UNCG. Cold shooting and bad defense have been the running themes so far this season. UNCW had averaged shooting just 40% form the field and 29% from behind the arc for the season.However, they were over 50% in both categories for this game. This is a problem that will have to get fixed if UNCG is going to get back in the win column.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

UNCG (2-6) @ UNCW (4-6)

When: Wednesday, December 19 7 pm
Where: Trask Coliseum (6,100)
TV: None

UNCW Athletics

UNCG Stats
PPG: 78.8
RPG: 40.6
APG: 14.1
Leader Points: Trevis Simpson (19.9)
Leader Rebounds: Kelvin McNeil (7.6)
Leader Assists: Drew Parker (4.0)
FG %: 43.1
3 Pt %: 34.8
FT %: 70.2

UNCW Stats
PPG: 56.9
RPG: 32.7
APG: 9.4
Leader Points: Keith Rendleman (15.3)
Leader Rebounds: Keith Rendleman (9.3)
Leader Assists: Tanner Milson (2.4)
FG %: 40.0
3 Pt %: 29.9
FT %: 63.3

Well, it's the resistible force versus the movable object. UNCW is terrible on offense and UNCG is terrible on defense. Something has got to give in this one.

UNCG has yet to win on the road and looked quite bad in the first half of Sunday's game at JMU. However, they seemed to shake off the rust and play a a lot better in the second half. It will be important not to let UNCW get any confidence early in this one and to seize the momentum away form the home crowd.

UNCG's second leading scorer, Derrell Armstrong, has been suspended indefinitely and it's not known if he will be playing in this one. So, it's up to the entire group to step and fill his role.

Go Spartans !!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

First Half Dooms Spartans

UNCG 73 - James Madison 85

UNCG Recap
JMU Recap

Halftime: UNCG 29- James Madison 49

UNCG Stats
Leader Points: Trevis Simpson (24)
Leader Rebounds: McNeil, Williams (tied- 9)
Leader Assists: Drew Parker (5)
FG: 25-65 (36.9%)
3 Pt: 9-25 (36.0%)
FT: 16-23 (69.6%)
Rebounds: 40
Turnovers: 15

JMU Stats
Leader Points: Rayshawn Goins (23)
Leader Rebounds: Rayshwan Goins (11)
Leader Assists: Devon Moore (7)
FG: 30-53 (56.6%)
3 Pt: 6-13 (46.2%)
FT: 19-26 (73.1%)
Rebounds: 32
Turnovers: 13

I really feel like I could put up my recap from the High Point game this season and only have to change the names to make it fit here. UNCG just slept right on through the first half and then only after halftime found it's rhythm and managed to shoot it's way back into the game. However, the hill was too steep to get over. The Spartans cut the 20 point deficit down to 3 on several occasions but just couldn't get all the way back.

Again defense, or the lack of, is proving to be the issue. There were way too many times where the Dukes simply drove to the basket an kicked for a wide open shot. Dribble penetration has proved to be a problem all season long and will probably continue.

Before any one posts a bunch of comments on my page, I do know that RJ White, Derrell Armstrong and Brian Coles sat on the end of the bench and apparently weren't available for this game. I have no idea why that was the case. However, it was obvious in the first half how bad the Spartans were missing Armstrong. He's been able to carry this team at times when Trevis's shots weren't falling. During those lulls, it would have been nice to have Derrell take it to the basket and create some instant offense.

Oh well. This one is over with. I was encouraged by the second half and think we all can chalk up that first half to having taken 15 days off from game competition. UNCG now heads down to Wilmington on Wednesday to play another CAA team on the road. Hopefully, with more success this time.

Go Spartans !!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

UNCG (2-5) @ James Madison (3-6)

When: Sunday, December 16 2 pm
Where: JMU Convocation Center (7,156)
TV: None

JMU Athletics

UNCG Stats
Last Game: Citadel (W 84-54)
PPG: 79.6
RPG: 40.7
APG: 14.0
Leader Points: Trevis Simpson (19.3)
Leader Rebounds: Kelvin McNeil (7.4)
Leader Assists: Drew Parker (3.9)
FG%: 43.9
3 Pt %: 34.6
FT %: 70.3

James Madison Stats
Last Game: Richmond (L 83-82 OT)
PPG: 67.2
RPG: 31.2
APG: 12.6
Leader Points: Rayshawn Goins (13.4)
Leader Rebounds: Rayshawn Goins (7.0)
Leader Assists: Devon Moore (4.4)
FG %: 43.0
3 Pt %: 33.8
FT %: 70.4

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

UNCG By the Numbers - Part 2

On to defense ...

FG Shooting
177-405 (43.7%)
Per Game

121-278 (43.5%)
Per Game

56-127 (45.6%)
Per Game

42-121 (34.7%)
Per Game

135-284 (47.5%)
Per Game

I guess it doesn't take a math genius to see that UNCG is playing better defense in it's wins than losses. However, it's a pretty staggering difference in percentages. If they can stay closer to the 35% mark that they are allowing in their 2 wins, UNCG should see a lot more W's than L's going forward.

3 Pt Shooting
51-127 (40.1%)
Per Game

35-86 (40.6%)
Per Game

16-41 (29.0%)
Per Game

9-33 (27.2%)
Per Game

42-94 (44.6%)
Per Game

Pretty much the same story as with FG shooting. If UNCG can hold teams to less than 5 made 3's per game, they will be in better shape.

FT Shooting
141-192 (73.4%)
Per Game

115-158 (72.7%)
Per Game

26-34 (76.4%)
Per Game

26-44 (59.0%)
Per Game

115-148 (77.7%)
Per Game

UNCG is allowing way too many free throw attempts overall and then teams have definitely been taking advantage of those attempts. I suspect when I look at foul numbers I'll see similar numbers, but I'll wait till part 4 to do the real comparisons.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

UNCG By the Numbers - Part 1

Since the season has reached a natural break point, I thought it would be a good time to look as some statistics and draw some conclusions from the numbers. The first installment will look at some offensive numbers ...

FG Shooting
199-453 (43.9%)
Per Game

147-334 (44.0%)
Per Game

52-119 (43.7%)
Per Game

64-119 (53.8%)
Per Game

135-334 (40.4%)
Per Game

The only really thing that stands out here is that UNCG hasn't shot the ball particularly well overall. However, they have shot it very well in their 2 wins. 

3 Pt Shooting
62-179 (34.6%)
Per Game

43-136 (31.6%)
Per Game

19-43 (44.2%)
Per Game

20-47 (42.6%)
Per Game

42-132 (31.8%)
Per Game

The only way to look at this is that UNCG makes a lot of shots behind the arc. They make more and in better percentages in the wins than losses. But 8.6 made 3 pointers per game is a lot.

FT Shooting
91-138 (70.3%)
Per Game

74-103 (71.8%)
Per Game

23-35 (65.7%)
Per Game

17-22 (77.3%)
Per Game

80-116 (69.0%)
Per Game

All of these numbers are above average. UNCG is definitely an upper level team at shooting free throws. Without breaking down actual game tape, it hard to really use this stat for too much though. If you really wanted to get much deeper in depth, looking at free throw shooting in the final 2 minutes or in 1-and-1 situations. But still shooting above 70% is a good thing and should pay dividends throughout the season.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

UNCG-Citadel Highlights

Spartans Rebound in a Huge Way

UNCG 84 - Citadel 54

UNCG Athletics
Citadel Athletics

Halftime: UNCG 46 - Citadel 21

UNCG Stats
Leader Points: Drew Parker (15)
Leader Rebounds: Korey Van Dussen (6)
Leader Assists: Parker, Van Dussen, Armstrong (tied - 4)
Team FG: 33-56 (58.9%)
Team 3 Pt: 11-21 (52.4%)
Team FT: 7-8 (87.5%)
Rebounds: 41
Turnovers: 12

Citadel Stats
Leader Points: Mike Groselle (20.0)
Leader Rebounds: Groselle, Moore (tied - 4)
Leader Assists: Marshall Harris III (6)
Team FG: 17-55 (30.9%)
Team 3 Pt: 5/17 (29.4%)
Team FT: 15-21 (71.4%)
Rebounds: 19
Turnovers: 7

It's amazing what a little bit of defense and some made shots can do for a team. As bad as UNCG looked on Wednesday night, they look as good on Saturday night. The Spartans dominated in every way possible.

It was great to see the team show up and bring a ton of defensive intensity right off the bat and sustain it for almost the entire game. It was also nice to see a lot of different contribute. 7 players score 7 or more points and the post players did a very nice on Mike Groselle. Even though Groselle got his 20 points, he had to battle hard with all of the guys the Spartans threw at him.

Now UNCG has off 2 weeks for exams. It will give them time to excel in the classroom and work on some things in practice. This is a great way to go into a break.

1-0 in the SoCon.