Monday, February 13, 2012

Blog Updates

Hey guys ... Just thought I'd point out a few other SoCon related blogs that I think everyone should definitely bookmark and go read. I link to most of these below, but I thought I would just make a post to remind everyone that there are a lot of great conference related sites around.

Obviously, I talk about UTC fan Jon's site MocsMania. However, another UTC fan has decided to start making posts again at what used to be one of my favorite sites ... SoConFans. This site should be a must read for UNCG fans right now as we are in the race for a division title. That site always has an updated version of "If it ended today ..." pairings for the SoCon Tournament.

Another very good site is the Western Carolina blog Purple & Gold. While it's not a basketball only site, it's definitely a basketball heavy site at this time of the year.

From the other division of the conference are two very good low country related sites. There's the Citadel geared Sports Arsenal and the Charleston site King Kresse. The Charleston site will be a good read this week for G fans.

Also, let's not forget to mention again the UNCG Sports Blog.