Monday, February 20, 2012

Scanning the SoCon - Week 16

Scanning the SoCon - Week # 16

1. Davidson
2. Ga Southern
4. Wofford
5. Elon
6. Charleston
7. Samford
8. Furman
9. Western Carolina
10. App State
11. Chattanooga
12. Citadel

Who is your pick for Coach of the Year?

DavidsonCats- A number of coaches have done really well this year. Mike Young, Charlton Young, Wes Miller, Jimmy Tillette, and Matt Matheny should all get some consideration. I'm going with Bob McKillop. I know that a lot of people picked Davidson to win the division. I thought the Wildcats were a year away and would finish 2nd in the division and behind several of the North teams. Instead, the Wildcats are way out in front in the computer rankings and locked up the 1S seed last week.

MocsMania- To me, there are just five candidates that deserve consideration. Elon's Matt Matheny, UNCG's Wes Miller, Samford's Jimmy Tillette, Georgia Southern's Charlton Young, and Wofford's Mike Young all deserve some recognition. To me there is only one other team that has achieved at their expected level, and that is Davidson, and I expected the Wildcats to lose about three SoCon games preseason. They're pretty close to that right now, so I don't feel like McKillop deserves it. Samford, UNCG, and Georgia Southern all experienced huge turnarounds in SoCon play from their out of conference performance. Elon has really fallen off in the last month. That leaves Mike Young from Wofford. I expected the Terriers to go about 7-11 in SoCon play and be no factor in the SoCon Tournament. As it is, the Terriers are a threat to win their third SoCon Tournament in three years. Young deserves real credit for that.

TheSportsArsenal- I am almost stupefied by UNCG's turnaround under Wes Miller. Interim coach as Coach of the Year? Why not? Bob McKillop is my second choice.