Friday, February 17, 2012

UNCG (12-15) @ Ga Southern (13-12)

When: Saturday, February 18 7:30 pm
Where: W.S. Hanner Fieldhouse (4,358)
TV: None

Ga Southern Athletics

Preseason Preview

UNCG Stats
Last Game: Charleston (W 78-63) Recap
PPG: 69.8
RPG: 35.9
APG: 12.1
Leader Points: Trevis Simpson (18.1)
Leader Rebounds: David Williams (5.4)
Leader Assists: Drew Parker (2.7)
FG %: 40.2
3 Pt %: 33.7
FT %: 68.5

Ga Southern Stats
Last Game: @ Citadel (W 73-72 OT) Recap
PPG: 67.1
RPG: 31.5
APG: 12.7
Leader Points: Eric Ferguson (15.4)
Leader Rebounds: Eric Ferguson (7.2)
Leader Assists: Willie Powers (5.6)
FG %: 47.3
3 Pt %: 36.0
FT %: 66.5

This is a match up of two of the most improved teams in the Southern Conference. The squads combined to win just 7 SoCon games last season. Two of those wins came from UNCG victories over the Eagles. The Spartans cruised to a 87-75 victory at the Greensboro Coliseum. The return game at Hanner Fieldhouse required a game winning shot from Aaron Bracket with just over 16 seconds left. UNCG managed to score just 16 first half points in that game.

The Spartans can feel like they are looking in a mirror when looking at the Eagles. Both squads are led by super sophomores that are in the running for SoCon player of the Year. Neither team fared very well in their out-of-conference schedule. The main similarities fall in style of play and athleticism. GSU will probably run and gun with UNCG all night and try to push the tempo just as much as the Spartans. Eagles coach C.Y. Young has been collecting talent in Statesboro for several years now. The proof is starting to show.

As for UNCG, they very well may have to play another game without Trevis Simpson. That worked out in the last game against Charleston, but I don't think it's a recipe for long term success. The Spartans will need continued good play from Derrell Armstrong, Aloysius Henry, Kyle Randall, Nick Paulos and all of the starters to take down the 2nd place team in the South Division.

From a league-wide perspective, this game has some importance. UNCG is 2 games ahead of Elon in the North with 3 games left to play. A UNCG win and any loss by Elon in their next 3 games (WCU, @ Davidson, UNCG) will give UNCG the out right division title. Ga Southern is 2.5 games ahead of Wofford with 3 games left to play. With a win, they will wrap up 2nd place in the South Division (and the first round bye in the SoCon Tournament).

So, this is a very important game. Hopefully, UNCG can keep the momentum going in their favor. Go Spartans !!!


James said...


David said...

I thing G has it wrapped up. There is no way that elon will win at davidson. We just need to get that one win! Hopefully 3 wins.

Anonymous said...

David you made some great points on recent post-I agree let's go by Greensboro instead of UNCG- UNCG is a mouthful and it makes you think back to day when it was a girl's school. This basketball program could change the whole image of the school- Maybe we should take a look at the logo and definately have the coliseum lower the beer prices- So David your out of state now- that makes it harder to follow the team- Other than Dash's great blog how do you keep up with the team?

James said...

UNCG is such a fun team to watch. People in Greensboro are going to start to take notice and start talking about the team. I am getting seriously excited about Wes Miller's ability to get the most out of his team. If this guy can recruit we could have a program like Davidson soon. I am confidence this will happen.

P.S. Get healthy soon Trevis, I hope you back by the Wofford game so I'll get to see you this season one last time live.

James said...

By the way, Georgia Southern is excellent at home this year. 8-1 if my research is correct. That being said they have not had much competition at home this year. This will be a tough road test. If UNCG want to have a chance in the Conference Tournament they need to play well in games like these.

David said...

Thanks I am glad someone else agrees. There are a bunch of little things that the UNCG athletic department could be doing that would cost little or no money to implement and would greatly increase UNCG's visibility and fan base. Getting a better logo for instance could be made into a design contest for the students and it would not cost the school a dime. Although there would be a slight cost to update everything on the court and signage.

I think if they just invested a little time and money into marketing the program to the public they could see big pay back in little time. I don't see why they use the same old marketing that costs a lot and does not have that great of effect. What do you guys think of going by Greensboro instead of UNCG and about our current logo?

To follow the team out of state I mostly watch or listen to the games through the website. I am glad it is free, I think charging would be a big mistake until all of the games are selling out, the announcers are a lot better this year. I wish the video quality was a little better. I usually get to catch a game at the Colosseum when I go home for x-mas.

James said...

Going my Greensboro would be fine with me but I like UNCG just the same. It would get our name out there more to go by Greensboro and be good for the city. Marketing for this team should be so easy because Greensboro is a 3rd largest city in the state. Updating our logo would be cool. I always like a new look.

Watching the games for free is an awesome perk. I just wish more SoCon teams would have this so I can watch G's road games.

I am so happy we moved to the Coliseum. One of the best (if not the BEST arenas in the state. I am currently a student at UNCG and will be a huge fan for life. Go Spartans!

Dash said...

Guys ... I'm actually a big fan of owning the "UNCG" and not Greensboro. It would be a little too Charlotte to push for that change.

As far as the logo, I like the rising shield. They are trying to get it put in NC liscense plates starting this week. The logo that I hate is the "minerva" logo.

Dash said...

As far as video ... I think by next year, most games will be on ESPN3. What do you think about moving most games to that platform?

Anonymous said...

This is the name I prefer-- North Carolina Greensboro- the U is ackward

Anonymous said...

James good to have you on Dash's site. How can we get more students to attend the games? Bob

David said...

I don't know about now but when I was a student the school did not do a good job of getting the word out about games. I think something as simple as plastering the campus with fliers would work well. Paint something on the rock too. Also writing on the sidewalk in chalk about the game.

Maybe having multiple pickup spots for the bus that are in front of the dorms would help.

Have the cheerleaders at tables at the fountain, EUC, college ave, etc talking to students walking bye and ask them if they are going to the game and getting them interested in going.

I think all of these things could easily be done to get a lot of people out to the last home game.

Does anyone know how the gold out night went when app came to town?

James said...


Gold-out week: We had emails for a week about it. We had the mascot hanging out around the EUC the day of. We had a banner outside of the EUC. That is about it. Word of mouth needs to improve as well. It is absurd that the kids in the dorm don't go to the game. You get free transportation!! I live off campus and still take advantage of the free buses to save on parking and it's fun to chat with the students before gametime.

It is a bit of a gift and a curse to be a college basketball team in North Carolina. Because of the prestige of UNC, Duke, NC State, and WFU, UNCG has an uphill battle to climb to get any coverage. The New and Record need to get more involved with G's sports.

How to draw students? Tough to answer, if I knew a sure fire way I'd email (as I have done in the past) Ms. Record. MORE PROMOS would always help! Do some things that a Minor League Baseball team would do, they come up with some creative stuff.


Anonymous said...

Elon loses-- I can't believe how this team has collapsed after seeing them play ASU At home. (2-18-2012).
One of the biggest crowds this year appeared to be APP-- One thing to note this was a Saturday afternoon game.

Do I have to be impaired to copy the words to post on this site?

JohnMoc said...

Good luck tonight. A UNCG win locks up the 1N seed, I believe.

Elon is really falling apart right now. Samford to get a bye? Amazing.

David said...

North CLINCHED! No way elon wins at davidson!

Anonymous said...

I early said App was the biggest home crowd-- I was supposed to say Western Carolina appeared to be the largest crowd of the Southern conference teams we have played with that being an afternoon game.