Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NC A&T (2-5) @ UNCG (1-4)

When: Wednesday, November 28 7 pm
Where: Greensboro Coliseum (7,617/23,500)
TV: None/Spartan All-Access

NC A&T Athletics

UNCG Stats
Last Game: Rutgers (L 87-80) Recap
PPG: 78.8
RPG: 38.8
APG: 14.6
Leader Points: Trevis Simpson (20.8)
Leader Rebounds: Kelvin McNeil (8.0)
Leader Assists: Drew Parker (4.4)
FG %: 44.2
3 Pt %: 35.7
FT %: 66.7

NC A&T Stats
Last Game: Jacksonville State (L 50-54 OT) Recap
PPG: 59.0
RPG: 35.7
APG: 10.3
Leader Points: LaMontMiddleton (12.1)
Leader Rebounds: Austin Witter (6.1)
Leader Assists: LaMont Middleton (2.7)
FG%: 37.1
3 Pt%: 22.6
FT %: 69.9

NC A&T has played a mostly road schedule and has struggled. The stats show that. It really doesn't matter, though. The last 2 years the Aggies have absolutely wanted this rivalry game. Not only have they won these games, but they have manhandled the Spartans in the process.

Last season's game was a mess. The Spartans were blown out. In the aftermath, players started attacking fans on Twitter and the result basically got the coach fired. UNCG was probably the favorite last year and is probably the favorite this year. However, UNCG hasn't shown the ability to win a close game and had faded when the game was on the line.

As a die hard Spartan fan, its hurt to type paragraphs like those last two. But both are 100% true. What I hope to see on the court Wednesday night is a team that is loose, excited, enthusiastic and (most importantly) a team that is ready to grab this game and own it!

Go Spartans !!!


Anonymous said...

I believe UNC-G needs to give Nick Paulos a much bigger role-He is tall and he can score-David Williams needs to wake up and run the floor and play defense like he did last year Taylor Hoffer looks like he fell in love over the off season-Not the same aggressive player who banged his head against the floor last season at the tournament Team needs to play better defense- Defense turned it around last year- Generally the team with the most talent is going to win a run and gun type game Wwes needs to be more flexible in changing his game plan whren Rutgers guards are putting up 50 Finally, may need to play Freshman point guard to increase team speed

Josh said...

I agree... with some of that. Paulos can grow into a bigger role, but as it stands he is a great shooter, but little else, sure his length can get him a block or two, but otherwise he struggles to both defend and make his own shot. Williams just need to clamp down on his fundamentals and stop fouling so much, its hard to be aggressive when you are in constant foul trouble. I agree completely with Hoff, he had a mean streak last year that hasnt shown up this year, and I agree completely with playing better defense, we have lost these last three games because we were unable to clamp down late on D. That said, I cant disagree more with playing Jordan Potts right now, the little I have seen him play he looks lost, and has made some poor decisions with the ball. I think all of this comes down to coaching, Wes and company need to reign these guys in late and teach them how to play with the lead. There is no need to throw up long 3s from half court when you have the lead late.

Anonymous said...

Potts probably won't be playing to much this year after all it is his freshmen year. Taylor hoffer appearantly has been sick the last few weeks which is why his game might not be as strong as usual but he still is just as strong of a player as ever.