Saturday, November 10, 2012

Panthers Turn Back Spartan Comeback Attempt

UNCG 73 - High Point 81

UNCG Athletics
High Point Athletics

Halftime: UNCG 33 - High Point 39

UNCG Stats
Leader Points: Trevis Simpson (18)
Leader Rebounds: Trevis Simpson (7)
Leader Assists: Drew Parker (4)
Team FG: 26-60 (43.3%)
Team 3 Pt: 8-20 (40.0%)
Team FT: 13-23 (56.5%)
Rebounds: 40
Turnovers: 17

High Point Stats
Leader Points: John Brown (28)
Leader Rebounds: John Brown (8)
Leader Assists: Jairus Simms (7)
Team FG: 30-68 (44.1%)
Team 3 Pt: 5-18 (27.8%)
Team FT: 16-22 (72.7%)
Rebounds: 41
Turnovers: 13

Two things doomed the Spartans on Friday night. The first was the inside the paint. It was obvious the the Panthers were the much stronger team. John Brown and Allan Chaney absolutely controlled the game. High Point did UNCG a huge favor in the middle of the second half by completely going away from their inside duo. It allowed the Spartans to get back into the game, However, they closed the game out by going back inside to put the game away.

The second problem was turnovers. 11 first half turnovers really hurt UNCG and kept them from really making any progress in a half where they could have taken a lead. It was obvious that the Panthers were going to try to grind the pace down against UNCG and the Spartans responded by not being sure handed with the ball.

On the bright side, UNCG really showed some energy and poise in the face of a 19 point deficit to make a solid comeback. However, it was too little too late. It should be a good learning experience for a team that is trying to find some chemistry.

While the result is disappointing, it's way too early to draw any conclusions or look to throw in the towel. Go Spartans !!!


Anonymous said...

First 0-1 start since the 2011 season!

Anonymous said...

1. Trevis appears to have lost confidence in his shot
2.Locke player of game for UNCG
3. Van Dusson played well
4. Disappointed in Coach Miller- White went up to slam and was rejected by John Brown- He was immediately taking out of game- White made the right move with the ball-Sends wrong message to player
5. I am tired of losing to the Elons and High Points
6. Where were our fans Athletic Department needs to organize fans to travel to away games

Dash said...

Points 2 & 5 - agree.

Point 1 - looked like he was getting double teamed all night. Gotta have others step up when you're getting that kind of attention. He got hot when HPU took bad shots and weren't covering the transition well.

Point 3 - KVD was solid. Liked Parker's PG play more. Korey is really a 2 being forcd to play the 1 until potts gets a little more developed.

Point 4 - You're dead wrong here. White was already getting pulled before the block. McNeil was sitting at the scorers table immediately after RJ got lost on defense.

Point 5 - you have got to blame HPU here. They made less than 30 seats available to public until the day of ( when i bought mine). I was told twice that they were sold out only to find that HPU was holding tickets back. Funny part is there was a whole row behind me empty. Also I thought the uncg fans that were there did our best to make ourselves heard. Can't blame our athletic department about any of that.