Sunday, January 24, 2010

Samford Coach

My thoughts and prayers go out to Samford coach Jimmy Tillette. Tillette collapsed in the second half of the UNCG-Samford* game. If any of you were there, you understand the seriousness of that situation. I have never heard a gym that was that raucous go to complete silence so fast.

Hopefully, Coach Tillette will make a full and quick recovery very soon.

*I don't know when I'm going to do a game report. Honestly, I'm still furious over a lot of things that happened. Maybe I'll feel better about it tomorrow.

Until then, say a quick prayer for Coach Tillette.


David said...

Why did dement get T'ed out? Who will coach next game?

Dash said...

He got tossed for arguing one the worst missed calls in the history of basketball by some of the blindest f*cking refs on the planet. The SoCon commissioner should spend the next week trying to pull the athletics department's collective shoe out of his *ss for hiring those bozos to do anything more than serve concessions at a game.

Coach Jensen will be the HC agaisnt Elon.