Friday, July 17, 2009

Brian Cole and Scheduling Problems for Mid-Majors

Since I was at my niece's birthday party last night, I will just have to re-post from Mike Dement's Twitter page.

Got calls with news from the summer league that Brian Cole had 35 and 10. Told Brian we could use those no's vs the sched I just read about

Also, here is an article from the News & Record about the UNCG schedule that was released yesterday.

"It's definitely challenging," UNCG coach Mike Dement said. "... We're trying to make this move (to the coliseum) and make it a big move.

"We're looking at it as helping us in three ways. No. 1, playing that kind of schedule will prepare us for our Southern Conference games in every way possible. No. 2, we hope it will enhance our recruiting. Kids who want to play that kind of schedule, particularly kids from the state of North Carolina, will find us attractive. And No. 3, our present players will raise the level of their off season commitment to improving their strength and conditioning and skills."

Finally, here is an article by Rivals about issues that face mid-major programs when it comes to scheduling. Sienna, coached by former UNCG coach Fran McCaffery, is the main focus of the article. Apparently, winning games in each of the last 2 NCAA tournaments makes finding competition a little more difficult.

Chaskin has contacted plenty of schools that haven’t completed their schedules; some are even looking to fill games on the same dates Siena has available. Whenever he calls those schools, Chaskin typically get the same response: “Yes, we need a game and we know you need a game also. We’re also talking to other teams. Frankly, we’re hoping to hear from those other teams because we don’t particularly want to play you. But if we have to play you, that’s what we’ll do.”

Luckily, UNCG has already completed it's schedule. That schedule however, is the most difficult one that i can remember ever seeing. It's reminiscent of the one Chattanooga played last year. Let's hope that the end of year result will be the same for the Spartans this season.