Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer League Action #3

Last night I only watched one game due partially to family considerations and partially to huge crowds in the smaller gym. The game I got to see involved 6 Spartans (or soon to be Spartans). The game was between Champion (Korey VanDussen, Darius Sellers & Mike Hardiman) and Farm Bureau (Ben Stwall, Elhanan Bone & Kyle Randall). The score was closer than it should have been thanks to Wake Forest's Al-farouq Aminu thinking he was a 3 point shooter. I tried to keep a running total of a few stats, but I was texting during portions of the game. So if they are a little off, sorry.

VanDussen was the PG for his team most of the night. He made a couple of turnovers that I doubt he'd make if this wasn't a summer league game. However, Korey did a very solid job in second half. When his teammates found him spotting up he made a couple of 3's. I had him finishing up with ~10 pts. Sellers banged with Aminu and Bone most of the night. I didn't keep up with his rebound numbers, but he had quite a few. He finished with ~6 points. Hardiman made several shots and passes that kept his team in the game in the first half and ended up with ~7 pts.

On the other side, I again left very impressed with Kyle Randall. He easily had the most points of any UNCG player (~15 pts) and had one shot goal tended that wasn't called by the refs. Ben Stywall did a good job of finishing several fast breaks with layups and rebounding. He finished up very close to a double-double (~9 pts & ~8 rebs). Elhanan Bone drew the tough assignment of guarding Wake's Toney Woods. Bone had several baskets (~6 pts) and played some nice defense until Aminu arrived near halftime.

So there it is. Like I said above, those stats were just by my unofficial tally.

This will be my only report from the Pro-am this week, as I have plans on Thursday. I'll be back there on Monday, though.