Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer League Action #5

Last night was a rough night for several of the teams with Spartan players at the Traid Pro-am. Farm Bureau (Ben Stywall, Elhanan Bone & Kyle Randall) and the Champion team (Mike Hardiman, Darius Sellers & Korey VanDussen) both took bad losses. Farm Bureau was previously undefeated in the league. Champion played a team with several pro players (Chris Paul & James Johnson) on the floor. Coach Dement was in attendance last night.

I saw parts of a lot of games, but not enough to give full game recaps. It was a bit of a lethargic night for most Spartan players. While everybody did some good things, there wasn't a whole lot that really stood out to me. The highlight of the night was Pete Brown's dunk over top of incoming freshman Brian Cole. It was the first time during this league that I had a chance to see Pete play for an extended period of time, and he looked a lot like the same player that finished up last season strong.

Unfortunately, that's all I've got for today. Monday will be my last day updating the summer league action as I'll be in Vegas for the rest of the week.