Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer League Action #2

I'll preface this post by saying that I really didn't watch enough basketball last night to post very much definitive information. I got to the gyms just as the last session of games started and the smaller gym was absolutely packed thanks to the large amount of Wake Forest fans that had crammed in to see Al-farouq Aminu and Ish Smith square off. So, my recap will be short.

We'll start off with the Spartans in action at the main gym. Kendall Toney, Montel Smith and former UNCG player Donald Moore were playing against the defensing champions of the league (Jim Glasgow). I didn't see the end of the game to tell you who won, but as I was leaving Kendall made a big three and Montel had a three point play to tie up the game. Kendall also made several 3's early in the game and Montel had several nice drives to the basket. Incoming freshman Brian Cole is also on the team's roster, but wasn't there last night.

In the small gym, Kyle Randall really looked good. He had a nice assist to Ben Stywall and made several nice drives. He scored at least 10 points while I was there. I took some video on my cell phone, but it was way too grainy to post here. I will take my real camera next week to get better video, unless LeBron is town (which was the rumor last night).

So, that's all. Again, let me encourage any UNCG fan to come out and support our guys. If anybody is going to try to make it out, send me an email and I'll get you all the info you need.

* In case you haven't heard, Coach Dement is now Twittering (or is it tweeting). You can find him here. I'll put a permanent link on the site too.