Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer League Basketball

Almost the entire UNCG roster, along with several former players, will be playing summer basketball at the Triad Pro-Am League at Forsyth Country Day in Lewisville (just west of Winston Salem). This camp was previously known as the Rusty Larue Basketball Academy until Rusty took an assistant coach position at Wake Forest. So, It's now being run by Triad Hoops Academy.

Here's a quick rundown of the UNCG players. You can find the complete rosters here and schedule here.

Bibs Downtown
- Montel Smith
- Kendall Toney
- Brian Cole (Incoming)
- Donald Moore (Former Player)

- Mike Hardiman
- Korey VanDussen (Incoming)
- Darius Sellers

Farm Bureau
- Elhanan Bone
- Ben Stywall
- Kyle Randall (Incoming)

Mecedes Benz
- Ray Bristow (Former Player)

Mountain Fried Chicken
- Travis Stokes

Page's Screen Printing
- Ricky Hickman (Former Player)

Triad Hoops
- Pete Brown
- Brandon Davis

University Dental
- Brandon Evans
- Taylor Hoffer (Incoming)
- Sean Spooner

I'm not sure if these games are open to the public. I will post it here if/when I find out. This camp is pretty close to my house. If it is open to the public, I may take a trip over.

UPDATE: Here's a post about this tournament on the WFU blog Blogger So Dear. Apparently the tournament is free and open to the public. I have emailed the Triad Hoops to verify this info.


Jake said...

I run the WFU blog and can assure that the games are free. Under NCAA rules, they cannot charge admission. I have been going for the past 3 years and its a great time. Lots of good players there.

Dash said...

Jake, thanks for the info.

I went over tonight and had a great time. I plan on trying to make it over to as many sessions as I can over the next few weeks. I'll post about what I saw tomorrow.