Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer League Action

As mentioned below, I went over to the Triad Pro-Am last night to check out some of the UNCG players in action. Apparently, Chris Paul & Jarrett Jack played in the first game in the main gym. Unfortunately, my group didn't make over to FCD until halftime of the second game.

The majority of the Spartan players were playing at 9 pm in different places. So, we split time between gyms. I watched about the first 15 minutes of the game in the main gym and then we moved to the lower gym to watch the second half of that game.

The main gym saw Ben Stywall & Elhanan Bone's team beat Chas McFarland's (Wake Forest) team. Bone looks like he's put on some muscle and spent most of the time I watched matched up with McFarland. He scored several early buckets on quick cuts to the basket and made a few free throws. Stywall was playing a little bit out of position it appeared. However, he did his normal thing and claimed a lot of rebounds.

The better game was going on in the smaller gym. Brandon Evans & Taylor Hoffer's team hung on to beat a team that had Mike Hardiman, Korey VanDussen & Darius Sellers on its roster. Evans made 2 free throws at the end to seal the win after VanDussen missed a 3 pointer. I'm looking forward to seeing Evans playing this year, and it was obvious Sellers has hit the weight room hard during his rehab. VanDussen seems to handle the ball as well as advertised in his videos and I think Hoffer will end up making a bunch of big "hustle plays" this year. Hardiman even got in the act by hitting a 3 just as we walked into the gym.

So, that's all from Day 1. I know it's not a lot, but I spent most of the time trying to figure out who was playing who (I forgot my schedule) and who played for which team. Also this format doesn't always allow players to show all of their talents. If anyone else was there and saw something that I missed (or disagrees with me) please post it in the comments section.