Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Twitter Gives Insight into Recruiting

I must admit that I'm a newbie when it comes to Twitter. Since, I was ahead of the curve on Myspace and Facebook, I decided that I just didn't feel like dealing with another new social networking site. However, it seems like everyone has a page right now. So, I've caved into the pressure and getting up to speed in an hurry.

I thought I'd let everyone know that my favorite person to follow on Twitter has become recruiting "guru" Dave Telep. Telep does recruiting analysis for Scouthoops and the ACC Sports Journal. Plus, he runs a tournament for high school basketball players. Dave has been out on the road at several AAU tournaments. Some of his tweets can give you insight to what the coaches are doing at these things.

- Head coach is dipping and thinks no one sees. Another closed a japanese bar + sang karaoke last nite.

- Socon coach on a player. "If he didn't have a beer gut we could go to the other gym. We couldn't get him"

- Rough day at camp. Play is poor, effort not there. Kids clueless how disenchanted coaches r with results"

Anyone who has time should go through and read all of his stuff.

As I've mentioned before (and linked to here already) Coach Dement updates his twitter page daily. Also UNCG Sports has a page, as does the Greensboro Coliseum.


John said...

So I went to the coliseum's twitter account and must say that I was a little upset that the background picture is of UNC. Especially since thats our home court.

Dash said...

I think it's of the NCAA tournament game there this past March. However, you're right. It's still basically a UNC home game.