Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer League Action #4

I made it over the FCD early last night and watched 12 Spartans (or future Spartans) in action. I did leave without watching Chris Paul play in the final game of the night. Oh well, I didn't mind avoiding the crowds that were in the main gym to see him play. Plus, I had already seen 2 very good games. I kept up with the scoring of all of the Spartan players, but may have missed a basket or 2 along the way while text messaging.

The early game featured Ben Stywall, incoming UNCG freshman Kyle Randall & Elhanan Bone taking on a team with Sean Spooner, future Spartan Taylor Hoffer & Brandon Evans. It was a great game that saw Stywall's team make a last second shot to win. This was following Spooner's 2 made free throws that put his team up by 1 with 5 seconds remaining. Evans was star of the game, scoring 28 points. Hoffer (8 points) and Spooner (12 points) also played well. Stywall helped his team with 19 points. Bone dropped in 12 and Randall scored 5, but had several nice assists. There was also the added bonus of getting to see Randall and Spooner battle each other up and down the court.

After reading Coach Dement's Twitter page last week, I really wanted to see incoming freshman Brian Cole play. I got that opportunity in the second game of the night. Cole, Kendall Toney & Montel Smith's team lost a close game as Wake's Gary Clark made the go-ahead basket with less than 25 seconds remaining. Clark is teammates with UNCG players Darius Sellers, Mike Hardiman and incoming freshman Korey VanDussen. Even though his game tying 3 point attempt came up short, Toney finished the game with 12 points. Smith had 2 points, but spent most of his time distributing the ball. Cole had the tough task of guarding Wake Forest big man Tony Woods. However, still managed to scored 16 points with some nice moves around the basket. On the other side, Hardiman made a couple of early 3's and finished with 8 points. Sellers scored 2, but collected quite a few rebounds. VanDussen dropped in 10 points.

So, that's all for this week. Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it over this Thursday. Next Monday, I'm going to try to see Pete Brown and Brandon Davis play.

*** EDIT: I am going to make it over on Thursday after all. Woo-hoo.


Jake said...

How did Tony Woods do overall? I missed his game b/c it was at the same time as Ish, Ari, and CP3.

Cole was very impressive last week against Ari and Ish. Seems like you guys found a steal. I hate I missed him against TWoods.

Dash said...

Answered your question on your blog.