Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Triad Pro-Am Info

So, I took a trip over to the Triad Pro-Am with no idea what to expect or even where to go to see the games. I left very pleasantly surprised and figured I'd post some general info for anybody that wants to go (there's a post on day one action coming later today).

First off, the games are at Forsyth Country Day School in Lewisville (about 5 minutes west of Winston Salem). The games are played in 2 locations. The main gym (CAC) is at the "Upper School". The smaller gym (LIV) is just a short walk away. Just go through the doors opposite the entrance to the main gym and walk down the hill towards the middle school. There are plenty of roster sheets available in the main entrance. However, the only schedule was posted outside of the main gym. So, I'd advise printing one off for yourself or else you'll find yourself asking "What team is this?".

Admission is completely free. Come and go as you please. Sit where ever there's an open spot. There's a concession stand open that benefits the Triad Hoops Academy. Since I didn't buy anything, I don't know if the prices were high or not.

The games are two 20 minute halves with about a 5 minute halftime. There are refs that call fouls but are not calling it especially close. There are no coaches. The guys just sub themselves in and out. The game pace can get a little out of control at times. There are lots of pick & rolls and drive & dish plays.

So there are the basics. If you're really wanting to see basketball in July, it's worth the trip. The games are played on Monday & Thursday throughout July with a tournament at the end.