Saturday, July 4, 2009

Eargle at Youngstown State and N&R commentary on Bobb

Here are two interesting articles that have shown up since I left for vacation a week ago.

The first is from and is discussing former UNCG forward Damian Eargle. Apparently, Eargle has enrolled in summer school at Youngstown State and is going to be playing with the Penguins. According to the article, though, he hasn't signed the LOI with YSU yet.

Harding coach Steve Arnold said Eargle has left Greensboro and enrolled in summer classes at YSU. Eargle chose Greensboro over YSU before during his senior season with the Raiders.

Arnold said Eargle left because he was homesick.

Eargle is participating in open gyms at YSU, but has not signed a letter of intent with the Penguins. If and when Eargle does sign with YSU, he will have to sit out this coming year because of NCAA transfer rules.

The second article is from the News & Record discussing former UNCG athletics director Nelson Bobb. Obviously the author has his own thoughts on Mr. Bobb and shares them well. I have never made a comment on this whole thing because I don't feel like I know enough of the background to make an informed statement about it at all. Except to say that Bobb did a great job for UNCG for a long time.

I do wish he'd have kept his thoughts on the coliseum move and football to himself, though.

The school recently announced it would move basketball games to the cavernous Greensboro Coliseum. There are additions to the baseball stadium and improvements to the basketball practice facility, all happening under Bobb's watch. The move to the coliseum wasn't his idea. "I think it's great for the
community and for the coliseum," he said. "It's an outstanding opportunity. I just hope they don't look back in two or three years and ask 'What were they smoking?' "

He fears that success at the coliseum will bring on the inevitable talk of football, something he swore would never be allowed on his watch.

He fears UNCG will lose its soul to athletics, something he fought against from the day he arrived at a school known for not having football, known for its quaint traditions and slow, steady, logical growth.

***BTW, there's a comment at the bottom of the article that irritates me. The person who advocates getting rid of all college athletics has a right to make that point. However, if you read any North Carolina newspaper online, you'll see this same person make this exact same point over and over again. Nothing new or groundbreaking. Just this same "quit paying coaches, administrators blah blah blah" over and over again.

There's no point here except that for me to say that I'm just constantly annoyed by having to read this person's babble.

UPDATE: The N&R link was broken. I fixed it. Sorry.